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Mahatmas and Chelas

Dear friends,


There is a most interesting text by HPB that explains exactly what a Mahatma is.


The text is entitled “MAHATMAS AND CHELAS”.


We have published in our websites, with the subtitle “A Short Text Clarifying Fundamental Questions”.


Here is an excerpt:


“A MAHATMA is a personage, who, by special training and education, has evolved those higher faculties and has attained…


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Truth and Illusion in Theosophical Literature

Dear friends,


Those interested in the projected book on the Defense of H.P.B. against slanders of various kinds can already see a short “reader's guide” with the texts of the future book which are available online.


Truth and Illusion in Theosophical Literature…


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To gain insight

Dear friends,

There is a popular proverb which says “not everything is as it seems”.

Robert Crosbie wrote.

“The greatest thing most students have to guard against is self-deception. The versatility of the lower Manas in this direction is beyond characterisation. So we have to watch to see whether our ostensible motives are not cloaks for underlying ones. By this course we will gain insight and strength.” [1]

We need always to be vigilant. It’s…


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Masters and the Movement

Dear friends,


If we look at the history of the theosophical movement as a whole we see that the story of contacts with Masters has diferent aspects.


The text below it is a good investigation about this important subject.


Best regards,





On Contacts With Masters…


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The Golden Verses of Pythagoras

Dear friends,


There are texts that are priceless and timeless.


They are never outdated. They are so important today as they were two thousand years ago, and in two thousand years in the future they will still be important.


Below I reproduce “The Golden Verses of Pythagoras”, as they are published in our websites.



Best regards, Joaquim






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An Interview with Ernest Pelletier

Dear friends,

We can see that the world scenario of the theosophical movement is slowly changing.

Old lies are being debunked, step by step. Some masks are falling. The defense of truth is gaining strength. The true history of the movement starts to being known by an increasing number of students.

Many have contributed so far to the revitalization process of the movement as a whole. One of those devoted students is Ernest Pelletier, author of the important book "The…


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The Planetary Transition

Dear friends,


The planetary climatic and geological disruption continues, with floods, tornados, eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, record temperatures and record snowfall, landslides, etc.


The rhythm of extreme events is now becoming faster. And it seams that the United States are being particularly hit. After a historical series of huge tornados it came the worst floods in decades, and in between a severe drought.


This week it was the town of…


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The Power of Reasoning

Dear friends,


As the geologic and climatic change deepens it is wise to turn our eyes to the teachings of the ancient philosophers, or Theosophists.


They usually offer valuable lessons to any citizen who wants to be helpful in this period of planetary transition.


In the text “Stoicism in the Esoteric Philosophy” one can read:


“Tradition holds that before being freed and becoming a philosopher on his own,  the Greek slave…


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The Tree of Universal Brotherhood

Dear friends,


I reproduce below an important fragment of one text of HPB.


This fragment is entitled “The Tree of Universal Brotherhood” and was published in our website .


Best regards, Joaquim



The Tree of Universal…

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A Dialogue With H.P.B.

Dear friends,


Discussions about the nature of the universe are essential to Theosophy.

The meditative reading of “The Secret Doctrine” led us to forget our illusory nature and reconcile us with the eternal. In the realm of Unity there is no separateness.


I would like to invite you all to a meeting with H.P.B. and some of her students, where she clarifies some misconceptions about aspects of the occult doctrine.


Having the…


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Jewish and Muslim Join Forces

Dear friends,


At a time when xenophobic sentiments and religious intolerance are on the rise again in many countries, all initiatives that could help to put an end to hatred, intolerance and violence must be known and supported.


In Europe, Jews and Muslims join forces against intolerance, and in a genuine aspiration to brotherhood.


In an inspiring initiative that could open new front of interfaith relationships, Jewish and Muslim Leaders Join…


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Al Gore, Theosophy and the Cycle

Dear friends,


It was only too weeks ago that deadly storms ravaged several areas of the United States, in one of the largest tornado outbreak in history record.


Now is flooding.


According to the Huffington Post:


“In one of the worst cases of flooding since the Great Depression, the bulging, swollen Mississippi River is overflowing in record proportions, blanketing thousands of square miles across Arkansas, Tennessee and…


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Theosophy and the Second World War

Dear friends,


Today all the theosophical movement is celebrating the White Lotus Day, which this year marks the 120th anniversary of the passing of H.P.Blavatsky on May 8, 1891.


This same day also marks the Allied and democracy victory in World War II, on May 8, 1945.


I would like to share an interesting article about theosophy and the Second World War.


Best regards,…


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Theosophy Versus Nazism in Germany

Dear friends,


As we approach the celebration of the “Victory in Europe Day” on 8th May, which marks the victory of the Allies over the Nazis and the end of Second World War in Europe,  we have just published at our website an important testimony by Sieglinde Plocki, a German theosophist of the Point Loma TS, about the Nazi persecution of the theosophists in Germany during the Second World…


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Theosophy in Greece Under Nazism

Dear friends,


As we approach to the celebration of the end of Second World War, at May 8 of 1945, we continue our investigation on the theosophical movement during those dark years.


We have just published a new text in our website about the moving testimony of a Greek theosophist during the Nazi occupation.


The text follows below.


Best regards, Joaquim





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Bin Laden and the Occult Roots of Afghan War

Dear friends,


Today, President Obama confirmed that Osama Bin Laden has been killed.


We know that HPB wrote about “secret societies created in the Peshawar region, where now Mr. Osama Bin Laden and the taliban have their strongholds in Afghanistan. Those lands include the border region with Pakistan.”


We have in our websites a most interesting article entitled:


Occult Roots of the Afghan…


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Freud, Jung, And Ethics

Dear friends,


We learn that Theosophy is “divine Ethics”.


HPB teaches that “these ethics are the soul of the Wisdom-Religion”, and were promulgated by every initiate, in every times and places.


Ethics are also in the center of true Psychology.


In our learning process, we should always try that our feelings of disappointment did not overcome the calm and unbiased examination of the facts.


We have published in our…


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Theosophy, Carl Jung and the "Tibetan Book of the Dead"

Dear friends,

There are many students of theosophy who admire the thought of Carl Jung.

However, maybe most of them don’t see that Jung ideas are contrary to Ethics, as Eric Fromm and others showed.

There is a most interesting article that brings even more evidences about the untheosophical ideais of Mr. Jung, and his relation with a Dugpa sect.

The text is published at our websites…


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United States and the Cycle

Dear Friends,


After the massive flooding in Australia and the recent catastrophe in Japan, now is the United States who is suffering the impact of the global climatic disruption.


I just saw in the news that deadly storms ravaged parts of the South, killing almost 300 people. The level of destruction is so huge that it was declared the state of emergency. [1]


I would like to send my solidarity to the American…


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An Non-bureaucratic Approach in the Theosophical Movement

Dear friends,

We have just published in our websites the interesting article about the non-bureaucratic approach and work of the United Lodge of Theosophists:

ULT’s Nature and Method

How Esoteric is the Work

Of the United Lodge of Theosophists?


The direct link are:…


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