Dear friends,

Today we can see the widespread use of mind-manipulation techniques been
used on a large scale and, unfortunately, so effectively.

This mind control of individuals and populations and their effects need to be analyzed and understood, so that the forces of truth can come out victorious in the great battle for freedom of consciences.

We have published at our websites the following text, entitled:

Modern Language and Theosophy

George Orwell Examines the Degree of Sincerity

And Right Thinking in Our Everyday Language

The direct links are:



One could read in the text:

"In Buddhism, as in Theosophy, right thought is an essential part of the
Noble Path. On the other hand, the state of mind in which hypocrisy
occurs is a result of an ethical decay in thought habits and the use of
language. Such a trend is profoundly anti-evolutionary. Theosophists
should be able to fight it in an open and efficient way, both
individually and collectively."

Best regards, Joaquim

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