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After the massive flooding in Australia and the recent catastrophe in Japan, now is the United States who is suffering the impact of the global climatic disruption.


I just saw in the news that deadly storms ravaged parts of the South, killing almost 300 people. The level of destruction is so huge that it was declared the state of emergency. [1]


I would like to send my solidarity to the American people.


According to Jeff Master, it is “the largest April tornado outbreak on record. It is unprecedented to have two such massive tornado outbreaks occur so close together.” [2]


CNN Meteorologist Sean Morris said that "this could be one of the most devastating tornado outbreaks in the nation's history by the time it's over."


Looking at the geologic and climatic events of these first years of the 21st century, we can see the importance of a wisdom that teaches about the deep value of voluntary simplicity and detachment.


This is exactly one of many valuable lessons that theosophy can and must give to the world in the present planetary moment and cycle.


At we have a specific section entitled “Planetary Change and the Civilization of the Future”.


The link to the summary of the section is: .


Best regards, Joaquim





[1] See at


[2] See at

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