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At a time when xenophobic sentiments and religious intolerance are on the rise again in many countries, all initiatives that could help to put an end to hatred, intolerance and violence must be known and supported.


In Europe, Jews and Muslims join forces against intolerance, and in a genuine aspiration to brotherhood.


In an inspiring initiative that could open new front of interfaith relationships, Jewish and Muslim Leaders Join Forces.


Like we can read in an article recent published in our website:


“Eighty leading Jewish and Muslim leaders from across Ukraine and Russia met in Kiev
on Thursday May 12, pledging to work together to fight a rising cascade of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in the two countries.


In the first-ever “Muslims and Jews United Against Hatred and Extremism” conference held in the Ukrainian capital, community leaders from both countries heard chilling accounts of discrimination and abuse.


Conference participants spoke of the beating and harassment of Muslims and Jews in the two former Soviet republics, desecration of Muslim and Jewish cemeteries and bombings as well as other attacks on communal institutions of the two faiths.


The leaders pledged to work together to combat forces of extremism and hate and to put pressure on their local authorities to take a more assertive stand in fighting perpetrators of Islamophobic and anti-Semitic attacks.”


The complete article can be read at .


These kinds of initiatives are being held in several European countries during May.  


Best regards, Joaquim

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