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We learn that Theosophy is “divine Ethics”.


HPB teaches that “these ethics are the soul of the Wisdom-Religion”, and were promulgated by every initiate, in every times and places.


Ethics are also in the center of true Psychology.


In our learning process, we should always try that our feelings of disappointment did not overcome the calm and unbiased examination of the facts.


We have published in our websites another investigation on the works of Carl Jung.


The article is entitled:


Freud, Jung, And Ethics

Beneath the Surface, Carl Jung’s Ideas Are

Contrary to Ethics, Philosophy and Theosophy 


The direct links are:  and .


The text shows how Jung’s ideas are in opposition to divine ethics. We can read in the text:


“While Freud, though not a professional philosopher, approaches the problem from a psychological and philosophical angle as William James, Dewey, and Macmurray have done, Jung states in the beginning of his book:


‘I restrict myself to the observation of phenomena and I refrain from any application of metaphysical or philosophical considerations.’ 


He then goes on to explain how, as a psychologist, he can analyze religion without application of philosophical considerations.”


Maybe it is good to remember what one of the Mahatmas taught:


“Exact experimental Science has nothing to do with morality, virtue, philanthropy, therefore can make no claim upon our help, until it blends itself with the metaphysics.”

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Best regards, Joaquim


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