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We can see that the world scenario of the theosophical movement is slowly changing.

Old lies are being debunked, step by step. Some masks are falling. The defense of truth is gaining strength. The true history of the movement starts to being known by an increasing number of students.

Many have contributed so far to the revitalization process of the movement as a whole. One of those devoted students is Ernest Pelletier, author of the important book "The Judge Case".

We have just published in our websites a recent interview with this lifelong worker for the Cause.

The text is entitled: 

Ernest Pelletier´s Viewpoint

A 2011 Dialogue On the Karma and

Dharma of the Theosophical Movement


Here an excerpt of the interview:




[Question] The book “The Judge Case” has been described by some as a “one-volume library”. Its size is comparable to that of the “Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabrigded Dictionary of the English Language”. It has a great value as a source of information.  It also has an intriguing subtitle: “A Conspiracy Which Ruined the Theosophical CAUSE”. Up to what extent did the 1894-95 conspiracy against William Judge actually ruin the Cause? 


[Answer] The book was given the title “The Judge Case: A Conspiracy Which Ruined the Theosophical Cause for many reasons. 

The Cause was the Original Program outlined by the Mahatmas. A movement was built around this noble Cause, with the Theosophical Society as its vehicle. Judge possessed exceptional clarity of thought and promoted self-culture. He was able to express the “heart doctrine” and stressed ethics in all his writings. When Judge was attacked the Original Program, the Cause, was attacked along with him. 

Besant, although perhaps sincere, became confused. Was she to follow the President of the Society or the spirit of Theosophy? Maybe it was ambition, or because of the attention she received from Olcott and later from Chakravarti. Maybe all the accolades as a wonderful speaker with great intellect prevented her from having clearer perception. Maybe she tried to do too much too fast with little spiritual knowledge.


We must not forget that Annie Besant spent very little time with Blavatsky. She only joined the Theosophical Society in May 1889. Blavatsky died two years later. During those two years Besant spent most of her time lecturing in England, going from town to town, and once to North America. No matter which confusion weighed heaviest, when she became President of the Society she changed practically everything. Those who became close to her, such as men like Chakravarti and later Leadbeater dominated her consciousness to such a degree that she conducted her life through the conscious awareness of those men. An example of this is Krishnamurti, the one chosen by Leadbeater as the “Vehicle for the Coming Christ”. Krishnamurti renounced all ties with Leadbeater pronouncing him “evil” but claiming that Besant was sincere. My two part article titled “Annie Besant: Her Passions and Her Relationships” explores these avenues. This article was published in “Fohat” magazine, Winter 2000 and Spring 2001 and is available at It was not included in my book but it certainly formed part of an underlying understanding of it. 

Not only Besant was confused; so were the ones close to Judge in North America. Despite Judge’s warning that “There should be calmness.  Hold fast.  Go slow”, they became confused. After his sudden death they were scrambling to find a successor. Panic set in and confusion prevailed. Katherine Tingley came to the forefront as the new Leader of the Theosophical Society in America. It was attempted to portray Tingley as the Theosophical Leader for the whole world but that failed miserably. The Theosophical Society in America was usurped and became a subsidiary of Universal Brotherhood - a new organization with a new constitution. They also changed the Society’s focus from philosophical to a “Salvation Army business” or as John M. Pryse called it “ephemeral philanthropy”. The focus was changed from the Original Cause to a personal cause, with Tingley as autocratic leader. 





The complete interview can be read at:  and .


Best regards, Joaquim

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