Dear friends,


As the geologic and climatic change deepens it is wise to turn our eyes to the teachings of the ancient philosophers, or Theosophists.


They usually offer valuable lessons to any citizen who wants to be helpful in this period of planetary transition.


In the text “Stoicism in the Esoteric Philosophy” one can read:


“Tradition holds that before being freed and becoming a philosopher on his own,  the Greek slave Epictetus (55-135 C.E.) was physically hurt to the point of being permanently lamed by his Roman master. According to Celsus, when his master was twisting his leg, Epictetus only smiled and said, “You will break it”. And when the leg  was finally broken his calm  commentary was:


“I told you so.”


Stoicism, Platonism and other schools teach that happiness has no relation to pleasure. Instead, they say that happiness derives from having no anxiety, no fear and no ambition in the soul. As to pleasure, it is defined as having the same illusory substance as pain or suffering. 


Epictetus the Stoic taught:


“It is not poverty which produces sorrow, but desire; nor does wealth release from fear, but reason, that is, the power of reasoning. If then you acquire this power of reasoning, you will neither desire wealth nor complain of poverty.””


In fact, wisdom, as ethics, is never outdated nor “old fashion”.


Today, more than ever, the “power of reasoning” is needed in the world.


Best regards, Joaquim




[1] “Stoicism in the Esoteric Philosophy”, published at .

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