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[Time for some humor. Note: Wen, a pun on "when", is the Spouse of Time. The History Monks carry on Wen's legacy. -- jem]


In the second scroll of Wen the Eternally Surprised a story is written concerning one day when the apprentice Clodpool, in a rebellious mood, approached Wen and spake thusly:

"Master, what is the difference between a humanistic, monastic system of belief in which wisdom is sought by means of an apparently nonsensical system of questions and answers, and a lot of mystic gibberish made up on the spur of the moment?"
Wen considered this for some time, and at last said: "A fish!"
And Clodpool went away, satisfied.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time)


Theosophy: "Intuitional knowledge or wisdom resulting from progress in Self-awareness and/or experience of one's own Transcendental ('Divine') Nature."

Theosophist: "An individual who is at least willing to consider potential knowledge and/or wisdom purporting to have been derived in this special epistemological way."


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General Theosophy #224

"When it comes to the possibility of 'reincarnating,' it is probably far more comfortable to live…See More
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General Theosophy #221

"As one gets older, life should primarily become an ever-more interesting psychological adventure .…See More
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Virtual Centre for Theosophical Studies Server Invitation

Greetings all! If interested, you’re invited to join the Virtual Centre for Theosophical Studies…See More
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"It seems that our history is rife with manipulation, and as a result we find myth built upon myth,…"
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"Interesting article without doubt. I note that it seems that science is always restricting its…"
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"I agree with Susan that it seems illogical to even bring angels into a topic of quantum physics, as…"
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World Teachers, Gnostic Succession

I would like to hear some thinking regarding Ancient Wisdom originating from a pre-deluvian source…See More
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"I've channeled some information, I believe might help in our understanding. I haven't…"
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Swedenborg's Theosophy

Started by John in Academics - Theosophy/Esotericism and Programs. Last reply by John Jul 21, 2018. 2 Replies

Swedenborg is tough to read. His vocabulary can be a hurdle. If you want to Know his Theosophy, you need to interpret his weird words…Continue

Tags: D.T.Suzuki

Current Meditations

Started by John in Meditations. Last reply by Unseeking Seeker Jun 4, 2020. 5 Replies

Posts regarding Daily Meditations.Continue

Tags: Theosophy, Sri Aurobindo

The Imaginal Mind

Started by John in Theosophy. Last reply by John Aug 1, 2015. 18 Replies

The Imaginal Mind (imagination) is a great tool for theosophists. To start off, one of the attributes is the ability to see two (or more) sides of the same thing at the same time. One of the most common practical uses is in the study of religious…Continue

Tags: Images, Imafination, Imaginal

Mundis Imaginalis

Started by John in Theosophy. Last reply by John Sep 6, 2014. 13 Replies

(updated Aug. 14, 2014 - fixed link and quote from scribd)One of the key people who explored the use of Imagination in theosophy was Henry Corbin. During this last century he developed a theory of imagination called Mundis Imaginalis, lacking a…Continue

Tags: Imagination, Mundus, Imaginary, Imaginalis, Imaginal

Orch OR theory of Consciousness

Started by John in Science. Last reply by Shin 'Ar Nwyfre Jan 7. 23 Replies

The "Orch OR" theory of consciousness was originally presented in Penrose's book "The Road to Reality" in the late 1990's. At the time the theory was too speculative to garner much scientific support. However recent discoveries have supported this…Continue

Tags: Chopra, Penrose, Consciousness

Panentheism - the ultimate root of theosophy?

Started by John in Theosophy. Last reply by Mark Kusek Jun 26, 2014. 11 Replies

The idea of Panentheism  sometimes strikes me a s an ultimate theosophical position. It places connections between everything, explains the Hermetic axiom "As Above so Below; As Below so Above." It can even be used to explain entanglement in Quantum…Continue

Tags: Panentheism

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Wiccan Rede with an added emphasis: “Do anything you want, but do not harm others—or… Continue

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“Apart from those things you identify as your life-duties, all other decisions can be made just by asking…


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