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Some Comments on - Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom: A Commentary on The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett.

This book by Joy Mills, who is well known in theosophical circles, is very welcome.

I have not read the book. It is not a cheap paperback . List price is US$39.95 and is out of reach of many interested theosophists (most of whom are not rich), especially in the third world countries.

While Quest books - an arm of Theosophical Society in the United States - has published it, one wonders why no one thought of making it also available in electronic form such as a…

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Theosophical World Congress 2010 - Some thoughts

Based on the feedback received so far, the World Congress seems to be a great success.

Attendance: The congress was well attended by members from various sections and it is a good sign that many have taken the trouble to spend the money and travel to Rome. I was heartened to hear a large contingent of members traveled from Brazil and it only shows that the Brazil Section took the trouble to organize the trip in an efficient manner.…

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NZ Elections - Interesting Developments

Finally, Internet is coming into play in the National President election in New Zealand. In the past, you get voting papers along with a brief ‘official’ summary about the candidates and members have to decide based on scant information. Members get no advance notice about the candidates, their expertise, experience, future goals. This helps the inner circle of current and former elected officials keep their influence on whom they want to be elected.… Continue

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Every member of Brazil Delegation paid their own way - Correcting Katinka's Blog on the subject

Katinka’s blog about who paid Brazilian delegates/attendees expenses to the World Congress is untrue.

Here is the information verified with the Brazil delegates/attendees.

1. Brazilian Section did not pay expenses to any Brazilian delegates at all, not even for Marcos Resende, the National President.…

Added by M K Ramadoss on July 14, 2010 at 10:24am — 1 Comment

Kim Dieu's Lecture in the World Congress - Some comments

Thanks for Katinka’s detailed report on Dieu’s lecture at the World Congress now in progress in Rome.

Dieu may be highly regarded in European circles, but world-wide, a thick cloud is hanging over her for two of her actions in the past which do not show wise judgment.

Firstly, she is one of the Quartet behind the ill-fated ultra secret plan to the General Council to disenfranchise all members in the election of International President and GC members seize the…

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TS World Congress - Brazil Sending its members

In the blog posted by Katinka, there was a mention about the travel expenses for many attendees from Brazil being paid by the Section or one of the wealthy members. It is very good that Brazil is doing it. I wish more sections would do the same so that poor members can participate in World Congress. And many sections can afford to do it.

For example, American Section has perhaps most money in their treasury and soon the British Section would be very wealthy once they…

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TS World Congress and Internet

Internet live streaming of the proceedings of the World Congress is a very welcome first step for TS trying to use Internet to reach the members and others interested in TS and theosophy. Let us hope the summary of the lectures are also posted on Internet soon without waiting for them to be published in print media which is going to take time.

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More on Theosophical World Congress in Rome

Live streaming of the proceedings of the World Congress now in progress in Rome has helped many around the world to watch them online. Yesterday I watched the short presentations of Colin Price and Pedro Oliveira.

While all the lectures by various lecturers have so far dealt with usual intellectual topics theosophists discuss, so far only Pedro…

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Opening Session of 10th World Congress in Rome - Streamed on Internet

It was a great pleasure to watch the opening of the 10th World Congress in Rome even though my local time was 3.00am. It took a long time.

Starting with Prayers of All Religions, opening/ welcoming talk by the GS of Italy followed by reading of greeting messages received from individuals from around the world, then followed by personal greetings from General Secretaries or their representatives and finally we had the Opening talk by…

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Theosophical World Congress Proceedings - Live Streaming on Internet

Here is an announcement of the live streaming of the Congress. Now all of us world-wide can watch the proceedings live on Internet. The organizers should be thanks for arranging the streaming.


"Dear Sister/ Dear Brother,

The opening of the 10th World Congress of the Theosophical Society focusing

on the subject "Universal Brotherhood without any distinctions: a road to

awareness" and taking place in Rome at the Summit Hotel Convention… Continue

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