Finally, Internet is coming into play in the National President election in New Zealand. In the past, you get voting papers along with a brief ‘official’ summary about the candidates and members have to decide based on scant information. Members get no advance notice about the candidates, their expertise, experience, future goals. This helps the inner circle of current and former elected officials keep their influence on whom they want to be elected. They tried this also in the International election.

This year, in NZ, a new member acted like the child about the Emperor having no clothes and tried to bring out the importance of the candidates discussing their candidature on Internet forums.

The response from the current National President is that no discussion should take place and he even stated that he may suspend the official Internet discussion list.

This in spite of TS being democratic organization. This high handed approach simple shows lack of understanding of the current Internet environment where information and discussions can taken place free from interference or censoring by organizations and its leaders.

Theosophists around the world would enjoy watching how the events unravel in NZ.

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