More on Theosophical World Congress in Rome

Live streaming of the proceedings of the World Congress now in progress in Rome has helped many around the world to watch them online. Yesterday I watched the short presentations of Colin Price and Pedro Oliveira.

While all the lectures by various lecturers have so far dealt with usual intellectual topics theosophists discuss, so far only Pedro touched upon the recent critical crisis that TS faced during the last International Election and its aftermath.

He quoted extensively from Mahatma Letters how the process of probation for an individual works and by analogy it applies to TS and theosophical leaders as well. Especially I liked the Buddha tale of the nice hungry stranger who was liked by everyone and became a part of the household and who, one day killed everyone in the household was quite appropriate. This is the first time I heard about the tale.

Since the congress is taking place in Rome, there are quite a few participants from the European countries. We all know the lack of growth of membership outside India and this is a problem no one has so far touched. A very hot potato!

Congress is a unique opportunity to leaders from the West to discuss this and find some ideas that can be tried in various sections. I hope, it is discussed before end of the congress, either formally or informally as growth of TS in the West is a very important issue

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