TS World Congress - Brazil Sending its members

In the blog posted by Katinka, there was a mention about the travel expenses for many attendees from Brazil being paid by the Section or one of the wealthy members. It is very good that Brazil is doing it. I wish more sections would do the same so that poor members can participate in World Congress. And many sections can afford to do it.

For example, American Section has perhaps most money in their treasury and soon the British Section would be very wealthy once they sell Tekels Park and we may see a similar situation in NZ when it sells Orewa land and buildings.

Recently it appears that the American Section’s lawyer told the court in the Orlando Lodge closure litigation that they may be spending a six figure amount in the litigation. Litigation, with competent lawyers is very expensive and most of the time the members would never find out how much money the Section spends on litigation.

If money is available to be spent on litigation, surely we can spend money to make poor members travel to World Congress.

Let us hope every Section follows the lead of Brazil and sends their members for the next Congress.

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