Every member of Brazil Delegation paid their own way - Correcting Katinka's Blog on the subject

Katinka’s blog about who paid Brazilian delegates/attendees expenses to the World Congress is untrue.

Here is the information verified with the Brazil delegates/attendees.

1. Brazilian Section did not pay expenses to any Brazilian delegates at all, not even for Marcos Resende, the National President.

2. Ulisses Resende, former National President paid expenses for himself and only to his family members.

3. All the other delegates/attendees from Brazil paid their own expenses to come to the World Congress.

I do not know how Katinka was misinformed. Someone trying to mislead???

I would like readers have correct facts regarding the Brazil delegation/attendees having paid their own way to the World Congress.

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Comment by Katinka Hesselink on July 15, 2010 at 12:45am

Kim Dieu was probably referring to the tickets that were payed for delegates who came to a theosophical meeting in Brasil from all over the world, July last year.

I already corrected the mistake I made in my interpretation of her talk on my blog here: http://theosnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/kim-dieus-lecture-in-the-world.

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