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The time is NOW... (Global awakening, and global movements)

In Mexico it is a big turmoil. The forces of darkness (no kidding, it is true; behind Peña Nieto´s bogus supposed triunph is behind Carlos Salinas, who´s been accused of practices of dark magic (VooDoo, testimonial in the book ¨Los Brujos del Poder, Part II, a book written about the relationship of sorcerers, new age like cults, and some other bogus weird like cults in their relationships with power in Mexico.

 Our country is suffering A LOT. Pepole was left behind with the sensation of…


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I just experienced Samadhi.

cheers, peace


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a Phase...(Wishing it WILL END SOON!) where is MY LIFE ON MARS??

Hi, i still feel miserable because my breakup with my boyfriend. He was pretty much younger than me (college guy/me, in my 30....dhdhadhs) but i still miss him. A LOT.


Remembering that Theosophy tells much about unattachement, and i'm trying to learn that phase on life, of the unnatachement...still with the idea of believieng that probably in 'a future' we could be together...but really, i DON'T KNOW if i can manage to stand these phase in life. My life feels pretty dull. I…


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Occult meaning of Children's stories, Part one (Cartoons) : Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"

The Wisdom in Toons



First, an apologie if my english is not so correct-spelled as i wanted to. Thank God for the word-spelling editor.


Secound, let's get into matter:


You must have noticed by now that Children stories have a lot of occult meaning. As I am going to re-write this same article to Spanish-versed readers later, i'll try to be brief in this subject, and extend, progressively, in…


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New page in spanish theosophy in Mexico

A new blog in Mexico about Theosophy has opened. Check it out:

Some bit of politics, inner section too...a lot of stuff...

Is in Spanish, use the Google translator if you're interested....

Cheers to all


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Bogus and diffamatory spanish work about new age & Theosophy? Read about it

Hey there Theos pals, i've just found this work. Unfortunatedly , i think only spanish versed readers can read it.

It is a work called "Hijos de la Teosofia" (sons of theosophy) Even in the portrait of the work -with Aleister Crowley faced in the left of Blavatsky's face- can be seen the difamatory proposes of the pepole -or pepoles - who in shadows, sort of 'assembled' this sort of pamphletary work.

By the reading of it, it seems to had been sort of -copy-pasted- from other… Continue

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Starting a new and books anyone? THEOSOPHY books?

Hi Theosophical friends! Good day!

As part of my daily begging to the Masters in life, you'll never expect when they're gonna listen. as finaly, as a very tough moment of my life ending - i finded myself like the Job character on the bible or at least like the King Harichandra of the Vedas stories - FINALY something happened.

I got some amount of money 'cause some project was approved here. and so, finaly a chance to start all over again.

I'm gonna start working in… Continue

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The Wisdom in Toons - "The princess and the frog" from Disney; the esoteric aproach...


For me was quite exciting seeing for the first time in Disney an animated cartoon where you can find a BLACK PRINCESS, that speaks that Disney is getting in the vanguard for first time and trying to shake the fame in earlier years where it was blamed for its "Whitebreaded" films where social issues were very far away from rreality, like in the classic… Continue

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The Wisdom in Toons

I inagurate this Blog for analysis and observation of daily wisdom in our common media. Cheers to all. Comments Welcome. Peace.

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