The time is NOW... (Global awakening, and global movements)

In Mexico it is a big turmoil. The forces of darkness (no kidding, it is true; behind Peña Nieto´s bogus supposed triunph is behind Carlos Salinas, who´s been accused of practices of dark magic (VooDoo, testimonial in the book ¨Los Brujos del Poder, Part II, a book written about the relationship of sorcerers, new age like cults, and some other bogus weird like cults in their relationships with power in Mexico.
 Our country is suffering A LOT. Pepole was left behind with the sensation of being psycologicaly raped, in last presidential election of 2006. Felipe Calderon, the one who came with the power instead of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the leader of the left and opposition party, has allegations of being an alchoholic and not governing well the country, leaving all behind for the use of off shore monopolies and firms from US and specialy Spain -pretty eager to recognize the supposed triunph of Peña Nieto, who´s being backed up by Televisa, the ruling almost-monopolic television network. It is sort like if W.Bush was imposed by Fox News and owned by it, instead. So that is what is happening here in Mexico my dear Theosophical- and not - friends.

The movement of the Light, also, it is working, and here in Mexico is one of the final battles. The movement of #YoSoy132 ,who´s comparisable to the #OWS movement, has been growing and growing at the same time the Goebbelian image on the TV, Radio and rest of Media are howling in the favor of Power ruling interests. the young people of 18 to 30, 40, 50 (I myself include, as a 25 year- looking chick...heeheehe) are giving the BACK to the ruling power. it is a war against the BELIEFS, and yo DO recall that BELIEF is POWER, and THINKING IS BELIEVING, AS The no.1 rule of Hermes says. ;)

So, WHAT is been happening around here? Some old dude that gived a speech in a t.v show that was hosted by Susan Sarandon (that unfortunately do not remember the was some sort of mini-series about oriental mysticism and similar) said that the generations of Pisces (before WWII) and  Aquarius (Baby Boomers) did not happened at ´once¨- that the Age of Aquarius DID NOT started at 1953 exactly as was said- but instead, he drawed some sort of Gaussian bell curve, and in it explained that the generations of Pisces - reluctant to change - and Aquarius - Prone to change - were in some moment, OVERLAPED,(that had a reunion of people of same generations in some time at the moment of time) and the old man said that, in some moment of time, the people of the Piscean age (People born before WWII, Yuppies) will stop incarnating, to give step to the people of the Aquarian generation (Baby Boomers, Gen. X and Gen Y instead) chance to step in advance, to change things around the globe and around.

Well, I believe that time has come, and that very very special things will arrive, and that THIS is THE MOMENT we all have been waiting for.

The time HAS ARRIVED. Young people we know that this is the time to start the ACTION moving. ALL the old structures of power ruling have to step behind to give birth to the new goverment structures of mankind. THIS IS the moment we all have been waiting for, incarnation trough another. THIS IS IT.

WHAT ARE the powers to believe, in this new era of information and lack of secrecy? First to all, have to understand that it is like we are becoming Telepaths instead - and no doubt that the inner powers will start developing colectively slowly at first, steady and progresively trough time- and the networks (Twitter,Facebook) are helping to developing this colective pool of toughts, of knowledge -sort of if we have a physical karmical archive -also, the RESPECT. THE COLLECTIVE SOUL DEMANDS COLLECTIVE FRIENDSHIP, COLLECTIVE WORK, AND SPECIALY , LOVE.

THE COLECTIVE WE ARE DEMANDING COLLECTIVE LOVE. In Mexico, our candidate, Lopez Obrador, called himself member of a so-called ¨republica amorosa ¨ ¨love Republic¨and tried to predict love to all MExicans and abroad, love to all, and even the political adversaries. This is so Powerful, for leaving this all behind, and to throw this to the trash, and back up the obscure sorcerer forces behind Peña Nieto (who it is believed to be in some sort of doubt that he´s behind the powers of Carlos Salinas, who´s a practicant of VooDoo and some other spells)

It is the FINAL BATTLE my dear friends. The battle of the Darkness against the Light. No doubt that the Light will prevail, and asking you, in ALL your Power, to help us, help our friends Mexicans in despair (information of all kinds about the political FRAUD they are trying to convince in the despite that NO ONE BELIEVES IN TELEVISA- Our Fox News, from Spanish-Franco related origins: NO ONE is believing the crap on TV...i do not know what is happening in US´s , but this is what is happening in Mexico. Young people are manifestating. the sensation on us is like being in some sort of trance, and the sensation is of waking up.





P.S. we are ALL Young,Happy, Healthy, Lively, and LOVED as WE WANT TO CHOOSE TO. the INFINITE POWER OF THE COSMOS is nurishing us all, but we all have ´forgottened´ how. Let´s start to remember how we came here since the beggining...

It all started some few million years ago....when we camed to this blue marble, called EARTH....

Cheers :D

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Comment by EstrellaFugaz on July 2, 2012 at 8:11pm

And to return to the beggining.

Comment by EstrellaFugaz on July 2, 2012 at 8:03pm

It is time to fight back.

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