The Wisdom in Toons - "The princess and the frog" from Disney; the esoteric aproach...


For me was quite exciting seeing for the first time in Disney an animated cartoon where you can find a BLACK PRINCESS, that speaks that Disney is getting in the vanguard for first time and trying to shake the fame in earlier years where it was blamed for its "Whitebreaded" films where social issues were very far away from rreality, like in the classic tales adaptations, like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Finaly, a REALISTIC story, or with a more realistic aproach, I can see at first glance in this movie. Not only a BLACK leading role, a black princess and prince, but a more realistic touch with a ragtime and New Orleans jazz 20's and 30's beautiful scenerie style and drawings...I really liked the movie, but you CAN see in this film some aspects that should be reviewed closely, like the "magic' issue portraited in this movie. Also, we should not demerit these aspects that imply to be careful in what aspects it is changed the view of the MAGIC in this movie, changing from a fairietale magic fantasy issues like fairies and witches from folk tales TO THE more 20 century-like more realistic subjects, like Santeria and Voodoo.

I mean, Santeria and Voodoo are NOT fairietale magic at all. they are REAL MAGIC, and the way these aspects of witchcraft are portraited in this movie amazes me, 'cause is VERY TOUCHY SUBJECTS, like, 'how we animators are going to paint a Voodoo witch in a way a 5-7 year old can'nt get scared about, and how are we going to explain, at least, the most simplest of the way, that he's the bad guy, and Voodoo is not a joke thing?

I really APPLAUD Disney, the way they COULD MAKE IT. simple, I really COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES, HOW is Disney going to portrait not fantasy but a REAL sorcerer of the black magic, one of the worst necromancer types, in a G film? simple:

i really DON'T recommend this film for a 7 year old. It is simple: probably a 9year old or 10 year old kid can get the message, but smaller childs can get very impressed with this movie. also with Bambi and Sleeping Beauty scenes (Like the tragic Bambi's mother death or alice in wonderland getting small or the horrid witches in the movies, the same are terrible and very scary for small kids) But trying to portrait, I mean, REAL MAGIC! WOW! I'm amazed.

Pepole now, with the 2012 close, are getting almost all the information available of what is going on now in the 'occult' issues behind the curtains, and telling pepole about the RISKS of MAGIC, REAL MAGIC should be the care of all media and media pepole involved. it is not only necessary, but a matter of DUTY. another way of doing this and uncovering occult stuff is children's movies, like Harry Potter, Narnia Chronicles, Spiderwick, etc. Children are more receptive and sensible to these messages, because they appeal to the 'primordial' mind, the child's mind, like jung said. so it is our duty , and a Theosophist duty, to VERIFY that these occult knowledge that it is liberating to the world , should be the most accurate possible to the reality of the occult and magic.

To portrait in the movie, BTW, a Santeria women as the 'white' sorcerer' and a Voodoo witch as the bad guy, how can it be the most accurate to reality? Santeria it is a 2 sharped-side sword, and i really would apreciate if anyone of you folks could informe more in the Santeria subject, and WHY it is portraited as the "White" witch??? The traditions of african-american pepole, from a very distant African origin, are very plausible, but i would gladly apreciate if someone more versed than me in these subjects could inform me in the acuracy of the rituals and objects and stuff portraited in this, 'simple'? and "childish" ??? movie....

Also i could observe that, at least in the poor knowledge about these african practices, the Voodoo aspects (like the rituals, the objects like the puppets, the masks, and the similarities in clothing of the villain , behavior, etc) are portraited the most close to reality. That is the thing i was more glad about and regarded more to the Disney studio, because Voodoo is a very dangerous practice and it is time that these obscure practice came to light, so the common pepole see what these is about and AVOID IT.

That is, sincerely, what i Liked more of the movie, and also i have my very strong personal DOUBDTS, so how much SAFE it is the Santeria practices , like in everywhere, there are two sides of each truth, i know - also Blavatsky mentions but i haven't read anything from her about Santeria - that Voodoo it is a necromantic practice.

It is good, and also safe, that common pepole should begin to aware of these dangerous practices. even if it is in a Disney's story.

Cheers and PEACE to all.

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