Occult meaning of Children's stories, Part one (Cartoons) : Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"

The Wisdom in Toons



First, an apologie if my english is not so correct-spelled as i wanted to. Thank God for the word-spelling editor.


Secound, let's get into matter:


You must have noticed by now that Children stories have a lot of occult meaning. As I am going to re-write this same article to Spanish-versed readers later, i'll try to be brief in this subject, and extend, progressively, in succesive chapters. 


We could divide these stories in various parts, such as:


1.- The classic tales of Snow white, Rapunzel, Sleeping beauty, etc ('The" classic versions of these child's stories)

2.- The adaptations towards time or by the adaptations by the authors that grab these stories from colective-popular beliefs (perrault, Christian Andersen's, etc)

3.-WHEN these stories come and get popular because the Mass-Media grabs them and become popular items of the popular culture.


As to not make this blog post so extent, I'll concentrate myself today to the 3rd incise, and write someting about the Disney adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast". I will try in further ocassion to write more in extent in these series of writings, about these cryptic-hermetic-occult-magical messages in cartoons, as far as I can find and investigate about. These research for now, it is concentrated only for the Theosophical-hermetical lodges, in particular, in this one.


The beauty and The beast as far as I know, is an adaptation of charles Perrault' story about a damsel that her father goes ' on a trip' he is a 'mercader' or merchandiser, and in his way goes and finds a castle and in that castle he gets attended well, untill he cuts 'a rose' without permit, so a horrid beast goes and grabs him, and he cannot go until he promise to send one of her daughters instead. instead of sending the less appealing and mischeaved ones, the lesser and noblest goes to her father's rescue, and she sacrifies herself, going to live with the beast. Later she finds herself atracted to the horrid beast, because of her noble manners, until he gets attacked by some logger (or is it, 'lodger'?) and she tells her that she loves him, even though it's horrid aspect. Then the spell gets broken, revealing a handsome prince and he gets to marry her.


That's the original version as far as i know about. Now, in Disney's animated, well...by now you Theosophers-hermetists have been noticed all the magical symbols in the movie, no?


In disney's version - and someone in this forum can complete this brief analysis - we can find a lot of Masonic symbolism in the movie. Starts when Bella - the damsel, or Beauty - its presiding the 'table' or masonic table, with a 'square' and diverse aditments the Masons use when they preside the table (sorry my bad english, have to translate the words: "escuadra" "atril" "mandil" and some other masonic symbolisms that i cannot translate correctly. in resume, a WOMAN presiding a Masonic reunion? (it's the part when 'bella' gets courted by 'Gaston" and his sidekick in the movie, at start.


Further we notice than instead, bella goes to the castle to get his father-an inventor, like Ben franklin- from an angry beast, and in the castle -and in Bella's indumentary - we can still keep seeing symbolisms of occult fraternities. In resume, the entrance of Bella's to the gloomy castle, it remainds us more, to an occult reunion of some magic fraternity, than to a fantasy castle, with all the paraphernalia like the Bella's cap, the demon-like beast (sort of the Baphomet of Eliphas levy? read a bit of that, not enough  to satisfy my needs)


Instead of some tough good looking-bully (an analogy of that 'beauty or inner beauty' is INSIDE) We can see there between the fight of Bella and Gaston, some very serious lodge fight, with the symbols and analogies on a cartoon, get revealed when you see the movie various ocasions, and in the better you see it the more symbolism you can get: You can notice then, how a 'woman' gets then 'initiated' , instead than in the common 'lodges' not accesed to women, to the Big one, the ample 'castle' that can get you to get your 'father' or 'occult father' and the secret 'knowledge' grabbed by Bella, when the "Beast' gets tamed and in his milder manners, reveals the most dearing secret: the "knowledge' revealed by the castle ample library. (Also the library and parts of the castle, stone carved 'knights -templars?- with swords' in the opening of the 'doors', and lots, lots of pasages in it that can make you rethink of WHO or WHAT or even better, to WHO the (Disney's?) or occult excecutives of t he media are talking about. A woman, initiated in the lodges, in the 'powerful' ones, instead?? WHO they're talking about?? (a good GUESS)


The latest occult message, the ball, the moment than the Beauty dances and tells her love to the beast, all under the 'cross' (where she was 'buried'? with her father, got out and tells her loved beast one her love 'under the spell of the ROSE', in the final and last room of the castle...well...makes you really think about, and re-think, under what influence the cartoons, and lots of the kind, are made about.


Lots of magical-masonical symbolism  in this Disney's version of the Beauty and The beast. even more than the original, because a very important reason: Cartoons are made to reflect the POLICIES of the time, the sociological/political/world politics of the time, so also are made in a particular time-stamp, to reflect the policies of their time...And i believe this cartoon was made around 1993 about. Sounds the time familiar?


I'll make you a deal: Watch you people the cartoon movie, and write back in your comments, see if you can find some esoterical aspect in this particular movie you can abound more about. all knowledge is welcome. You learn, we all learn...



These brief article will be part of a series of articles of the same subject.


Thanks in advance for all. Peace to you all.














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Comment by Hari Menon on September 20, 2012 at 11:28pm

Dear Deb,

       Yes one cannot say how an interest is awakened in a person , it could be from any source . It is quite interesting to watch movies and think of from where they get all these ideas , tells a lot about the nature of the intellect of man.As you say it is but imperative to sift the chaff and move on. without going deeply into the particulars - there is a part in Indian metaphysics which deal with words relating to non existing objects and of which images and descriptions exist which can upset reasoning by the very fact of their existence as a word or a belief , and strange to say some are part of a collective psychosis and even prompt action in a person. These are also used as examples to illustrate the fact that sometimes though Reasoning (Inductive or Deductive ) has been used - it will inevitably lead to an erroneous conclusion. 

Comment by Hari Menon on September 20, 2012 at 11:00pm

Dear Joe ,

            Yes this one is also very stultifying !!!. I am lost for both words and images !! 

Comment by Deb on September 20, 2012 at 10:06am

Hi, Hari;

I agree wholeheartedly about the koan!  LOL

I pretty much agree with you about the cartoons and stuff, too.  I do not think that the majority hold much possibility, and a person could certainly get completely lost off in the weeds with many of them, your example of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a good example.  Not everything corresponds. 

But occasionally there are stories that are rendered into cartoon form that do serve to awaken an interest in a person, if they are so inclined and ready.  It happens in different ways, depending on the person.  Hopefully that person will move on and find their way to more in-depth and straight-forward information.  And at some point the search will become a conscious one, or rather one that the person is conscious of, rather than just being sort of mysteriously drawn to one thing after the other.

Comment by Hari Menon on September 19, 2012 at 11:10pm

Here is a Koan which is pretty stultifying which my Buddhist friend asked me " What is the sound of one hand clapping ?''

Comment by Hari Menon on September 19, 2012 at 11:05pm

Dear Deb,

          As you have mentioned   Spencers Fairy Queen , and Cervantes's Don Quixote  and a host of other books which are classics in various literatures of the world are allegorical , as well as the various epics from different countries which were prevalent during the time the storyteller was ubiqutious in every country . And the possibility exists where the Fairy Tales and other shorter stories may have evolved from the larger allegories and epics . I would rather be inclined to term these as Fantasy (not fantastic literature) .

  You are correct that nudges do occur , that make us wonder moreover most of the children's tales have something by way of a small wisdom or moral at their end which probably stand us in good stead in later life .

 My contention is that the mind is like a school child asked to study by his parents - but he finds a million ways and excuses to avoid serious study . It is really insidious and catches a person unawares . One of the correspondents to her post finds it a lovely idea to dive into cartoons and fairy tales !  I am not against these activities per se ( I still watch cartoons avidly , and really enjoy them ). But the whole point is in a  matter of knowing the self I am fully convinced that they do not contribute in any way to a mans progress in philosophy . 

The "Quest" for the grail or whatever would end in in a happy discovery of ones childhood (which is not bad at all ). 

Imagine if I were to think that the 7 dwarfs were the 7 chakras and Snow White was the "Shukla Roopini" in the Sahsrara  and a lot of attendant mix ups - I would probably end up worse from where I started out. 

As an exercise in abstraction of the senses with some control over the trail of thought give me a Koan any day !

Comment by Deb on September 19, 2012 at 9:46am

Interesting post.  Glad it has resurfaced.  This same idea has been evident to me as well.  Having raised and homeschooled two boys, we consequently did a LOT of reading, and when they were quite young, a lot of that was fairy tales, legends, and "myths".   There is a children's picture book that is basically Spencer's The Fairy Queen. I have read that book probably a hundred times between the two of them, and at some point it struck me that the story is sort of allegorical of the soul's journey toward enlightenment.   I won't comment on the details, particularly since I've never actually read the real Fairy Queen by Spencer, only the very condensed children's tale.   But it's highly likely that nudges do present themselves to us everywhere, including children's literature, if only we have eyes to see.

Comment by Hari Menon on September 18, 2012 at 11:45pm

Estrella ,

     I know this is an ancient post , but its theme sort of really made me do a double take . Really .....Cartoons and search for the self ? . The by lanes of the mind are so insidious as to take a person away from ones ''quest''unknowingly. Here is an ancient description of Maya " Maya is that which takes you away from the truth as soon as you start to approach it ".

Comment by EstrellaFugaz on July 2, 2011 at 12:14am

So...that is what it really is...the QUEST of the SOUL trying to identify/submerge itself with the ONESELF...the lower manas, and the buddhi manas... :O ...wow...


the reunion of the soul with is parent? :O ???


I'll try....


my best...








(hearing 'real world' of John Mayer, BTW)

Comment by EstrellaFugaz on July 2, 2011 at 12:09am

You know what....you are already ANSWERING ME about my own personal quest, in the latter post of me above here...


Yep...probably that's why....fairy tales very much resembles our life of our own.... ;-)


hope I CAN be victorious on this quest...btw, I feel myself more of like a Faustus right now (remember? that old man that sells his soul to become young again and be mate of the beautiful Margherita, and herself saves the soul of the poor candid unFaust?


Cheers and thank you very much for reading me.

Comment by Martin Euser on December 27, 2010 at 6:08am

Estrella, lovely idea to dive into cartoons and fairy tales.

It's not entirely my cup of tea, but I understand that an often used theme is the reunion/harmonization of the soul, lost in matter, with its parent, or the transformation of the kama-manas into  buddhi-manas, or the acquisition of wisdom by the peregrinating soul.

Plato would probably say something about the soul remembering its true nature.

It will be interesting to see how you develop this research. There must have been written volumes about this by psychoanalysts like Jung or researchers of myth like Joseph Campbell.

Keep it going!

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