Starting a new and books anyone? THEOSOPHY books?

Hi Theosophical friends! Good day!

As part of my daily begging to the Masters in life, you'll never expect when they're gonna listen. as finaly, as a very tough moment of my life ending - i finded myself like the Job character on the bible or at least like the King Harichandra of the Vedas stories - FINALY something happened.

I got some amount of money 'cause some project was approved here. and so, finaly a chance to start all over again.

I'm gonna start working in what i ALWAYS wanted to do: start a literary -coffee shop.

so: i will get BARELY the money for doing this; it will not be a piece of cake; it will take time, effort, a bit more of money and a lot of WILL power. but i'm pretty happy about that. and so, i was thinking, BTW...

I always wanted to be in touch with the TS and the most close to home is the old and almost dead TS branch of pasadena. i just recently knew that the library almost went to ashes. Stooopid california fires!! well, that's it for the Pasadena branch. I keep in touch reading about the renewing of it and similar San Diego projects.

Beside some good literature, old sixties-seventies books, - some good sci-fi also i hope - and some philosophy-humane-social science - and plain good science - books, i want to get some good stock of spirituality like books. too bad that the TS branches arent working anymore, at least what i know, they don't. so, if they were working, i could get some hold of some good stocking of spirituality books - specialy Theosophy books so RARE in spanish - that pepole here could crave.

The most close to this project is the "Biblioteca Teosofica" in Rosarito Beach. but still too far away to me. some of u guys could help me to get some hold of a few good theosophy books? and if they're cheap, even better. so i can have a good selection for the pepole here in Mexico for the coffee-literature shop that i'm about to open.

Suggestions are accepted....cheers...PEACE ALL

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