Bogus and diffamatory spanish work about new age & Theosophy? Read about it

Hey there Theos pals, i've just found this work. Unfortunatedly , i think only spanish versed readers can read it.

It is a work called "Hijos de la Teosofia" (sons of theosophy) Even in the portrait of the work -with Aleister Crowley faced in the left of Blavatsky's face- can be seen the difamatory proposes of the pepole -or pepoles - who in shadows, sort of 'assembled' this sort of pamphletary work.

By the reading of it, it seems to had been sort of -copy-pasted- from other Theosophical/mystical/occult groups and their discusions inside - it comes with the very known here, discusion about the Leadbeater-Bessant-Krishnamurti affair - plus other scandalous affairs from other occult groups. It remarks over and over again the 'New Age' 'La Blavatsky' - being 'La' a pronoum in spanish and a sort of despective way of refering to a person - 'Masones' - yep - 'Rosacruces' -and similarities like these.

I really don't know who wrote it. for me, it seems to be a copy-paste (A VERY BAD ONE) of a lot of Theosophical/occultist books from the inside, taken only the worst parts and maked to be worsened even. -sorry did i spelled right? pardon me my english...-

Anyway, here is the link, i really wish A LOT, if the ones here versed and fluent in spanish, could read it and have more comments about this phamphlet and the posible writers of the same. it says a name, but i'm pretty sure this is a phony name.

Suspect that the Catholic church is behind it, probably some protestant groups? Oh, so sane the one as the honest and probe pepole, specialy priests/ministers, don't they?

Well, here is the link, read about it: if not versed in spanish, tell your latinamerican/mexican/cuban friend to read it to you please. be free to answer.

Cheers to all,


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Comment by EstrellaFugaz on May 23, 2010 at 6:03pm
GEE!! I am reading the link that you brought here, I am founding so remarkable facts about facist pseudoesoteric organizations and their aggresive felons like the Mila that you are linking us here!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH...

I've even encountering information on other pseudoesoteric writers from extreme right-fascist groups that - in ex-Franco Spain mostly - come and go with their explosive writings against all esoteric writings, New Age and Theosophy....
Comment by EstrellaFugaz on May 23, 2010 at 5:29pm
Ok, so the son of René Guenon was very different to his father? could you tell me more about Guenon and his work? I've read a bit but if you know more on the subject...
Comment by Leila Becquer on May 19, 2010 at 10:04am
Hi, Estrella, I have read a few pages. It seems some kind of guenonian (son of René Guenon). In fact, evolian (fom Julius Evola) a kind of fascist traditionalism.
Here a link that make some things more clear.

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