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The Awakening and Ascension

Started Sep 26, 2011 0 Replies

 I believe awakening and ascension are two different ideas.  Ascension as a spiritual…Continue


Started Aug 12, 2011 0 Replies

MeditationAugust 2, 2011…Continue

The Universal Laws of Attraction, Intention, and Allowance

Started Aug 10, 2011 0 Replies

  NOW!! Now more than ever, must we practice the universal laws of Attraction, Intention and Allowance. The law of Allowance is the most difficult of the three but once you get a good hold on the…Continue

Tags: Allowance, Intention, Attraction, Laws, Universal

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I remember talking to my son about what happens after death. This was earlier in my journey, after finally being disillusioned by all or nothing dogmas.

I had to step back from all the confusion and subtle panic, that was rolling around on my mind at the time. I was floating, trying to find what I believed.


My son picked the moment of most confusion to ask me about death.

I sat there and took stock of myself for a few minutes, reviewing what I really knew.

I knew that I didn't have to have faith that there was a Prime Creator, he was evident because I LOVE. That's when it all became clear.


I looked at my son and said

"Gabriel, there are many different ideas and beliefs in the world about what happens after death. I will tell you what I know, I know that God is love. Because I have the capacity to give and receive love, I have the creator inside me.


This is the path to view everyone, what does it matter what they look like? what color they are? how wealthy? who they choose to love? is it not more important to have the capacity for love and compassion? Is that not evidence of God inside them?


It is the same with death.

When I die, no matter if all religions are wrong,

I will grab a hold of that big bright shining ray of love,

for it is already here in me, and follow it back home, and that is where you will find me.




The greatest teacher I ever had was doubt. I personally feel that doubt is an intuitive truth finding instrument. If you doubt a person or situation, it is best to further look at that person or situation, why should it be different for religions, governments, or any form of information that is taken inside oneself?


Only through exploration of one's doubts can one find the truth. Only through asking yourself tough questions will you get the strong answers. The new truths become a part of you and your perceptions shift. You have actually found out more about yourself and what you believe, and you start your quest for moral life choices. Constant personal growth through investigation, tempered by integrity, will always lead you where you need to go


I personally feel that everyone is entitled to find the truths for themselves, seeing as how I can only offer information and opinion. I can accept that others think and believe differently than I. I will never be able to force a person to accept a spiritual dogma or perception change, you can present all the information you have, but you can't make someone believe the same. You can't make the horse drink the water. You can only ask that people think for themselves, and not just accept your/others' truths as their own without questioning. ~ Through your own life you show the power of the truths that you have come to believe in.


Some people have the idea that truth can be passed from one individual to another, or from their televisions, books, or religions. This is simply impossible. Information is brought inside the body via the senses and emotional intuition. Information can be correct or incorrect, but has to be examined and questioned inside the soul. Hold all information up to your own reasoning and moral intuition, in this way you will discern the truth. A man can choose to believe incorrect information as truth, just as fast as from correct information, if not questioned. Remember: the easiest place to hide a lie is between two truths.


We have the unique ability to change our frequencies just by making the decision to think positive, you therefore create a positive reality. People are drawn to positive people and do not even know why. Everyone is capable of making a daily decision to create a beautiful, exciting experience for themselves and in turn radiate love frequencies to everyone they come in contact with. It is so simple, just try it for a week. Make the effort to laugh at the bumps in the road, recognize the daily problems as an opportunity to practice your new way of thinking and soon you will change the world with your smiles, and compassion will soon start the process of melting away old prejudices and scars.






I was a child when I first dreamed of the wolf. He would come and visit me at the side of a creek, and I would hug him and receive comfort. I was a child then and I was unaware at the time that the creek is how I view my thoughts. Before I became aware of this I would fall into the creek and drown in my own thoughts. Now I sit as observer of them. I sit on the side of the creek and watch my thoughts as they pass by my view as water in the creek. As a thought catches my interest I fish it out of the creek like I am cupping water in my hands. During times of hardship or trauma the wolf will sit with me at the side of the stream.


There have been times during meditation where I have opened my eyes and found myself in a different body, in a different time. I am a native american shaman during these experiences and I sit next to a fire, automatically I recognize myself from both perspectives. This confused me until I learned about nonlinear time. The shaman just smiles and sends me love. The wolf sits across the fire from him/me and recognizes me as well with those wise eyes. When I am weak I can sense them both and I am uplifted. The wolf has always represented my personality's true nature, both positive and negative aspects.



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David's Blog

Transmuting Energy and Practical Emotional Healing

Posted on September 28, 2011 at 10:37pm 2 Comments



What is the "soul"?


The stimulus response model by Wilhelm Wundt (1832 - 1920) as the basis of modern psychology basically states that because a researcher can hook a patient up to electrodes and inject them with chemicals and elicit identical responses, the soul…


Anger: Tale of a Recovering Sociopath

Posted on August 29, 2011 at 11:54pm 2 Comments


Just want to take a minute and introduce myself properly to the group.  I did not always feel like I do today.  I will not bore everyone with too many details, let us just say that my anger was born during my preteen/ teenage years.  Hating the whole concept of "God" and anyone who tried to control me, whether physically or emotionally.  I set off on my path…


Grounding Our Thoughts

Posted on August 10, 2011 at 12:59am 2 Comments

Grounding Our Thoughts


What is grounding? How does one acquire and maintain it during our daily lives?  Most people are familiar with the term "grounding" when dealing with electricity.  We will use the simple example of a lightning rod.  The lightning rod is attached to the house in order to…


Overcome and Shine

Posted on August 10, 2011 at 12:58am 0 Comments



"It is your spiritual perception, and ability to create love and balance wherever you go and with whom ever you meet. Living in harmony with all life is a high level of consciousness, and shows that you have achieved a state of Unconditional Love. That Dear Ones is your goal, and you will get there and merge with…


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