"It is your spiritual perception, and ability to create love and balance wherever you go and with whom ever you meet. Living in harmony with all life is a high level of consciousness, and shows that you have achieved a state of Unconditional Love. That Dear Ones is your goal, and you will get there and merge with your Higher Self. 


It is only natural that every soul desires to be loved, and if you first love Self it will be easier to express it where others are concerned. See in yourself and others the god-self that you all are, and release all judgment. You will find that life suddenly feels different, and that a peace enters it that knows no equal. Live and let be all that is around you, and bless all those souls sharing your journey with you. You will be an inspiration for them, and they will begin to understand that Man is a sentient Being.


Duality has as it were thrown you to the lions, and you have fought to uphold your dignity and right to decide your own future. Hold fast to your beliefs, but be ever aware of the opportunity to take a positive step forward. Let no one force their beliefs onto you, particularly if their way is fear based. The energy of Love is pure and comes to you from the Creator, and is beyond corruption and is all that will remain after the changes have taken place. Think upon this and do your best to follow in the footsteps of your teachers of the Truth."    ~SaLuSa


Overcome and Shine


I believe that all one must focus on is changing how we view ourselves and the world around us. By daily making the choice to see beauty, creativity, fun and love, instead of allowing the daily drama to pull us down into thoughts of negativity.

I find that there are so many possibilities of what the future may hold, to focus on the exterior is focusing on the wrong avenue. If you focus on your own decisions and thought patterns, love will fill you up, and you will find yourself losing interest in things that are spiritually unhealthy.  I have noticed that I take joy in the challenges that arise on a daily basis. I enjoy meeting new people because I see so much potential! I enjoy nature and yes I talk to trees, I enjoy experiencing the connection I have with all of it. The sky is always a source of beauty for any occasion. Stand beside the ocean, mountains, or the majestic grasslands, and marvel at the connectedness of it all, and its all expressions of love.

When I get up in the morning, I make the choice to overcome the lower frequency emotions that come up, and they do, you are human. To say that one doesn't experience negativity in this density is misleading, it is rather our choice to overcome and shine through your own power of love.

Most people don't grab on to new ideas that are spoken, unless in their personal journey they are ready for it. I find that the best route to impacting those around me is through actions that show our intent clearer than any words. Through your own life you show the power of the truths you have come to believe in. If you focus on your own thought patterns and intentionally create a positive field around oneself, then everything will work out the way 
it is supposed to, your higher self already knows the path.




Perception Creates Reality


To me, perception creates reality. If I believe it and percieve it as real, I can assure you it is real to me. The same goes for everybody. Essentially any illusions we live under are of our own making, yes they can be supported externally by manipulation of information, but that in itself is dependant on the individual's drive for truth.

As new information is presented, perceptions may be changed. What you believe today is not what you will believe tomorrow. It is growth, creation. There may be physical restrictions such as governments, etc. but at the heart of it relies on how we individually see ourselves.

All people search for truth and love, through a variety of viewpoints, religions, or traditions. Are they wrong for the choice of experience, whether catholic or wiccan? Or is the very fact that they search not evidence of growth? The information can be controlled externally, but the illusion is created internally. Too many people want to point a finger and blame a big bad entity, whether governments or devils.

The Illusion is designed by each of us to do exactly what we are here for, to gain experience. To create an environment where we can turn our hearts from love and experience fear, to know and understand the value of living in love. It takes the bad to appreciate the good.

To live under illusions is all part of our plans, but so too is waking up from the illusions. To return to the love of all that is.



Evaluate and Identify

Pay closer attention to yourself. Put yourself under the 'microscope' to say. Evaluate your desires and what makes you happy. Pay close attention to what repels you and find out the source behind them. Learn to listen to that voice that has always told you right from wrong.
Explore your doubts. Make an effort to identify your emotions as they come, to be able to separate them so you can identify why it is, to find out why you think and react the way you do.


Most of these questions should come naturally and yet some are going to be very uncomfortable or painful to dig into. Men, in particular, use anger to mask a variety of
emotions without thinking about it.


Truly look at yourself in the mirror and take an honest look into your core, as only you can. Once you take full measure of yourself, create the intention to change and heal yourself. Changing your outlook on life, and therefore creating a new reality, is not as hard as it

Like a habit you have to want to change these areas. Every fear and hurt you fill with love will make you stronger. How do I fill it with love? Simply choose to see positive, choose to see the glass half full.


Use the daily drama to practice your new outlook and things will get brighter, I promise you. Love will flow it is the way of the universe, just open yourself to change. That is the hardest part and you are already on the path!

Things won't always be sunshine, and for a while it will be hard to heal and stay centered to resist the fear based emotions of anger, depression, and confusion. Just fall back onto the new knowledge you have of yourself and you will find strength. Eventually you will be healed and your love will grow exponentially. Things that bothered you before, you can find humor in. Oh to walk through your day sharing smiles, love and compassion to everyone you come in contact with. Life becomes an adventure full of possibilities. Know that you are strong,
nobody can hurt your spirit but you. There will always be people to help and support your growth along the way!



Past and Future


What is the past except how we view it, in relation to how one views the world in the present? For example, a person who has been the focus of hardships all their life, could view the past as a terrible experience.  In this way the negative frequencies attached to past memories affect
your decision making in the present, by resonating with a negative outlook of life.

So the guy who sees the past as terrible, is really living in fear of past experiences, whether they realize it or not. This low frequency overshadows every encounter that person has in the present. Free will is a beautiful thing. We have the ability to change our frequency, we just
have to make the decision to think positive. It takes a while of practice but you will start to see things differently, brighter.

Once we make the free will decision to raise our thought patterns we can then turn to our past with new eyes. We can then discern the truth that everything that has come against you has made you strong. In this way our loss becomes victory and the past then affects us differently in the present. We know how strong we are and we are better prepared for the drama that will come in the future.



Sources and Discernment

I don't spend a great deal of time on sources, seeing as how all information has to be processed inside with the same meditation. I take in the information and chew on the message, holding it up to what is truth to my own reasoning/thought and moral intuition/meditation. The only source that is reliable is the one that springs from inside you, as you already know what is true or not. Simply take it in, and explore the parts that don't
resonate with you.


I find it is much easier to find the truth of a message, than to search for the truth in a source, as people are prone to emotional excitement and mistakes. Searching for truth is a personal
quest, I would no sooner take gospel truth from my own mother's lips without first holding it into the light within myself.


So focus on the information presented by different sources, evaluate the message as it resonates with your own soul, try not to figure out who is enemy or not, the information they

present will tell you all you need to know. Like starting a habit, self discernment becomes easier the more you pay attention to it.





Polarity and Love

It can be a very slippery slope when one starts evaluating the motives, and spirituality of others. Too easy do we start to compare and contrast, focus on your own thoughts and feelings. To say good/evil is part of the old paradigm, there simply is, higher/lower frequencies
through free choice. We all entered the lower frequencies of our own free will to experience them and to learn the value of living in love. Like the old saying, "it takes the bad to make you appreciate the good".  


Many people like to entertain the idea that they are a being of light and have destroyed their dark side, in reality by avoiding this part of yourself you are actually living in fear of  yourself.  Being aware of our negative polarity does not mean that we have to live in that frequency, it allows us to remain conscious of the purpose it serves and employ a decision based off of cause and effect.


The only way I know to overcome fear is to be conscious in the moment of fear, meaning to be aware of the universal truth that without fear we would never discover courage.  Breathe through it and let it pass through you in full awareness of what you are experiencing and who you are.  Most importantly, courage is found when fear is faced and action is taken even in the grip of fear.  Courage on the other hand, once discovered, impacts the individual with a new source of inner strength.


We chose to be unique to the universe and place a veil between our egos (association with thought) and higher selves (association with love), in order to see if the physical would find its way back to the higher self.  Like a trained astronaut being cut off from mission control while floating in space. His behavior will change rapidly. Essentially that is what we are doing, all of us out here together. Not only cut off from our higher selves, but cut off from each other as well.




Loving Your Enemy

Keep this in mind on your journey, every negative aspect about "evil" that repels you is because you have learned that lesson before.  You were that evil person in another life. This is why your spirit is so against certain things. It takes heat and pressure to grow, only the 
bravest souls go down into the depths of the lower frequencies and back for the Prime Creator. Those that come against us now are doing us an enormous service, by creating an environment for quantum leaps in enlightenment. Now we have to do our part to them and love them.

Love them with all you can because you can see yourself in them, the same fears,insecurities, unhappiness....loneliness....... but also desire for love and acceptance. The same desire to dream and explore, to be allowed to grow free in love, truth ,and peace.  Do not see enemy, see brother. 

What would be the purpose for us to have intimate knowledge of the lower frequencies? So we will have the knowledge to lead others out of the dark.

I remember someone asking me if God was all love how can he let bad things happen to good people? The truth is that every negative action taken is a catalyst for growth for many, like the
ripple effect. In realizing that on the big picture a person who commits a crime or deceit is only hurting themselves spiritually, as hurting someone permanently in the physical is impossible as we are all spiritual beings. It is impossible for anyone but yourself to hurt you spiritually. Understanding this concept is the only avenue to truly be able to love one's enemies. 

It is possible to hurt oneself spiritually. We still have free will.  When I say hurt it is not the same as physical pain. It is the ability to recognize in your enemy the truth, he is the same as you.  You are familiar with the emotions of the lower frequencies, you know how it feels, betrayal, mistrust, paranoia, insecurity, fear, hate, rage, emptiness, longing, rejection, bitterness, confusion, despair. These are emotions we all are intimately aware of. That is 
what I mean when I say hurt.


The only one who can move you up and down the spiritual spiral is yourself.   If one chooses to live in lower frequencies, projecting these emotions,  they are doing it voluntarily, even if they are manipulated. You can empathize with them, and you can understand. You want nothing more than to remind them what it is like to live in the light and peace again. You have more in common with your enemy than either one of you are conscious of.


If one can become aware of the connection between one's enemy and oneself,  you have just raised your awareness. What is consciousness, but awareness?  The path to higher consciousness is the path to higher awareness.



We have a strange system that breeds bad relationships. It has always been my opinion that to enter into a relationship is voluntary, sure there are times when we intermingle based off lower frequencies but upon further examination they are an outward mirror of what needs to be fixed in oneself.


The old saying that you will never be happy with anyone if you are not happy with yourself is as real as it gets. This goes for both parties. You will never be able to fix someone. You are not responsible how other people feel, upon realizing this you can release any self imposed guilt from relationships.

People resonate together for purposes that they are not even aware of.  It is my opinion that imposing regulation/rules from exterior origins can and will choke relationships, i.e. the mother/father that gets married for the children, when living in an unhappy bonding will resonate to the child no matter how hard you try to conceal it.


I hold some things as self evident such as each of us has a path to spiritual growth that is regulated by none other than ourselves. If one person in a relationship has started moving forward and raising their thought patterns to one of love, it can be difficult to understand that your partner resists the change.

Each relationship is different, consisting of two unique personalities with their own issues to work out. You have to weigh the cost/gains and then make a decision. the right decision is not always the easiest, I have had to break off relationships because I knew upon reflection that even though we were friends it was not the proper fit. If i had  not, I would not be who i am today. You have to focus on your own fears to heal them.


As you step out of fear and into love you will create an environment of change around you, your partners will then resonate closer or further away, but it is not your job to stop them, or change them, but to accept their reactions as evident of your own changing. it is very possible that you will be able to show them through your own life and decisions the path, but to hold oneself responsible for the success/failure of the relationship is unhealthy for you. 


Guilt is an internal alarm system, like a smoke detector  It allows us to realize when we might have hurt someone or done something against our spirit.  Once the alarm goes off it is best to reassess your actions, learn the lesson, then turn off the alarm.  You would not allow your smoke detector to continue to ring days after you have removed the burnt toast from the toaster, would you?  Holding onto guilt unduly is detrimental to your well being.




Love and the Illusion

The only thing I know that can bring people together is love. It crosses languages, cultures, borders, and even war zones. It is the connection between all of us, it connects us with the Prime Creator, with our planets, with every physical manifestation of energy that we perceive as solid. It is all just frequencies/vibrations through love energy from the source. I like the image of each of us as single light rays from the sun. Everything the light touches receives energy, information, and love. But no matter how far the light ray goes, it is still connected to the sun. It is this "light", and our concept of this energy is still infantile, that flows through our chakras, grounded by Mother Earth. We are the LIGHT! 


Every person on this planet has a desire for love. Yes we have been manipulated, but we helped in the creation of these limitations. Even with all the regulation and illusions we live in, people will always search for love. 

The illusion has to trick us into believing that the love we search for can be achieved through twisted means, so we will freely choose wrong over right, thus closing our crown chakra,and limiting our love. We lose the conscious connection to the Prime Creator and thus lose our connection to each other. 


So would the correction not be opening love channels to ourselves and creating brotherhood?




How does one achieve spirituality? Is it not moral life choices? The intent to create 
positive choices in our individual lives, if a person can receive a spiritual lesson from
a religion, regardless of which, and decide to live a more moral life, is that person not moving towards awakening regardless of dogma? Is that person not searching for truth, peace, love and brotherhood? 

Focus on and practice loving. View yourself as a huge beacon of light and love shining into the universe. Nothing can stop your light. Nothing can hurt your spirit but you, and then only by freely choosing it. If one focuses on love, everything will grow proportionally, like a tree with sunshine on all sides, you will grow into your full potential! 


Namaste - David

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