The Universal Laws of Attraction, Intention, and Allowance





Now more than ever, must we practice the universal laws of Attraction, Intention and Allowance. The law of Allowance is the most difficult of the three but once you get a good hold on the first two this one will become more tolerable.

We master these laws through conscious awareness. When we become consciously aware of our thoughts and witness the experiences they bring forth we are more in control of our lives. Being the observer of our thoughts is the first step in moving from victimhood to empowerment. When we clarify the quality of life and experiences we wish to have we will brings these into play through thoughts that attract the experiences we desire to have.

I am speaking metaphysically here. We have for so long focused our attention on the (physical) external world; earthly pursuits, materialism, needs and so forth, while ignoring our spiritual nature. Well, to begin to focus on the natural aspect of our being, which is spirit, we must begin with thought. “As a man thinketh so is he.” “Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

Working from the point of thought, feelings come into play. With mind we think. With heart we feel. When the feeling vibrates within the being at a certain level, it overrides the belief and the being simply tosses it out and follows the feeling to a new conclusion.

It is beliefs that cause fear and anxieties. Beliefs are embedded and indoctrinated ideas about ourselves and the world that makes us afraid. It is not the unknown which we fear but what we think we already know, which are beliefs that are not based on true reality which produce fear in many forms.

When we take the responsibility for how we perceive ourselves and the world we release our mind to be open, providing the capacity to think a new thought. In turn we will begin to attract new experiences based on new thoughts in our life. We are then utilizing the law of attraction through conscious awareness.

Once we have made the conscious choice to have greater experiences in life we position ourselves to use the law of Intention. We decide the lives we want to experience; peaceful, joyous, and happy through balance and harmony are the abundances we strive for when we reach this level of spiritual maturity. We consciously set our intentions by thinking the thoughts that will give us the abundance we seek. Not knowing how our abundance will manifest but are sure that it will because of the universal law of Intention that we are empowering our thoughts with.

The law of Allowance is the power to let things be as they are. This is tough. We see much chaos, pain and suffering in the world and we want to do something about it. Our doing is a striving after the wind when it is not utilized with the power of positive thinking. Most times our thoughts that we project out towards injustice and so forth are of a negative nature because our emotions are involved.

When we mature emotionally we allow our thoughts to dominate the outcome for which we desire. This allows the emotions to be balanced while our thoughts are the empowering force. When we begin to tap into the power of the law of Allowance, breathing becomes essential. When something threatens to disturb your peace of mind due to its negative nature, breathe through it. When you hear about injustices to humanity and mother earth, breathe through it while envisioning a brighter and more peaceful scenario. Here it the power of the law of allowance at work.

I am not saying that we should not help those who come to us for help. Many times what we believe is help is a hindrance. We should be careful not to attach ourselves to others who choose to remain in the energy of victimhood. We can be compassionate without being sympathetic. Sympathy is of the ego and it states that you believe that the person is a victim too. This helps no one. See no one as a victim because we all have the free will to choose empowerment over victimhood. Do not get pulled into that snare! Hold your intention to be empowered daily with truth and joy, while allowing others to exercise their free will without judgment.

The Universal Laws are immutable and are always available to you for your highest good and for the good of all. Use them now!



Nazeelah Tippett Noorjahan     Love According To Nazeelah



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