Transmuting Energy and Practical Emotional Healing



What is the "soul"?


The stimulus response model by Wilhelm Wundt (1832 - 1920) as the basis of modern psychology basically states that because a researcher can hook a patient up to electrodes and inject them with chemicals and elicit identical responses, the soul does not exist.  So what powers the body when the electrodes and chemicals are not used?  Our very consciousness is energy, it is our "soul" that powers our body. 


Lets us take a moment to understand this energy better.  Trying to tiptoe around individual personal beliefs we will just say that an energy circuit must have a source.  This source powers our consciousness and like an electrical circuit this energy returns to the source, a never ending cycle that occurs instantaneously.  You are never disconnected from the source, or what ever name you wish to put to it.  To help with a visual look at light from the sun, it is here on Earth bringing energy and information, for without light we would not differentiate between objects around us with sight.the light is also still connected to the sun.


To better understand the dynamics of the polarities of this energy we just have to observe the water cycle.  When heat/cold is applied to water molecules, the molecules speed up or slow down ( they change frequency) to the point where the very physical structure that we can observe changes shape, moving between liquid, solid, and gas.

They may be in different forms but they are connected in the cycle and are composed of identical molecules, only difference is the amount of energy (in the form of heat) moving in and between the molecules.


Our bodies are like two way radios, energy (in the form of thoughts, emotions, desires, and intentions) is constantly moving into and sent out from us.  What we perceive as love and fear are two faces of the same energy.  It is impossible to love someone without the capacity to hate them just as powerful.  The only difference between these completely different experiences is the frequency.  How do we control which frequency to practice?  Perception.


Perception creates reality


For Example:  Husband Joe and Wife Sue love each other and share a "trust" that they both have the same perception of the relationship, allowing them the freedom to truly energize their bond.  Lets us 

now introduce new information and Sue believes that Joe has been unfaithful, true or not does not matter at this point, as the perception of the trust and security of the bond has changed.  Fear and Pain are very persuasive realities.


The more they love each other the more they will hate each other, the pain and betrayal will be proportionate to the amount of energy moving between them via their relationship "circuit".


Now Sue is presented with new information and chooses to believe Joe has not been unfaithful.  She has chosen to change her perception.  Now the "Love Goggles" are back on and they resume to increase the frequency of the energy until the trust is restored and they both can share a perception of Love.


Phew.  Now what would be the purpose of such drastically different experiences?   Let us observe the human muscle tissue, which ironically is the source of strength and movement for our bodies.  The muscle will not grow unless there is opposing force (<--- in the form of traction and counter-traction ---> ) this act of violence tears the muscle, and it grows back bigger and stronger.



What is the purpose of negativity?


We would not grow if we did not experience negativity or adversity.  This is why our families sometime makes us crazy It takes fear to find courage, loneliness to appreciate others, anger to teach you patience, and hardships to make you strong.


What is the past except how we view it, in relation to how one views the world in the present? For example, a person who has been the focus of hardships all their life, could view the past as a terrible experience.  In this way the negative frequencies attached to past memories affect your decision making in the present, by resonating with a negative outlook of life.

So the guy who sees the past as terrible, is really living in fear of past experiences, whether they realize it or not. This low frequency overshadows every encounter that person has in the present. Free will is a beautiful thing. We have the ability to change our frequency, we just have to make the decision to think positive. It takes a while of practice but you will start to see things differently, brighter.

Once we make the free will decision to raise our thought patterns we can then turn to our past with new eyes. We can then discern the truth that everything that has come against you has made you strong. In this way our loss becomes victory and the past then affects us differently in the present. We know how strong we are and we are better prepared for the drama that will come in the future.


This is the key to using your higher consciousness/awareness to transmute low frequency energy (in the form of pain and fear based emotions) in yourself.  By discerning the lesson and changing a perception in yourself.  How do I know where to find the areas of myself that require healing?  Conscious Observation of your INTERNAL reactions.


If something external (outside of yourself) brings up an internal reaction you have to become "aware" of it and observe it with your "higher eyes" to identify the truth of why and for what purpose you experienced this reaction.


Internal Transmuting and Healing


For Example: Back to Joe and Sue.  Sue is angry and throws this negative energy to Joe (in the form of a very nasty remark)   If he initially hurt by the comment he must delve into the pain to find its source.  Experiences are linked together like chains, sometimes you have to go from link to link in order to find the original "source" of this internal energy circuit.


Once identified he can decide that it really does not matter if he is flawed, the flaw is possibly there for that very lesson.  He would never see this perception if he was not using conscious observation through higher awareness.


 He would continue the energy circuit by returning the very same frequency that was thrown to him, negative.  Both would probably take it personal and the original anger is now something more, being fueled by both of them in a continuous loop (argument/fight).


If Joe had no initial internal reaction, he will not have the same EXTERNAL reaction to his wife's words.  His love perception would not be interrupted by a different internal frequency (which is all confusion is, "mixed signals").


Internal reaction checked the husband can act externally through his love perception by being playful, comforting, or laughing with her.


External Transmuting and Healing


By his new actions what Joe has just done is transmute Sue's low frequency into a high frequency and returned it to her, changed.  She will more than likely laugh and feel better.  He can then apply his higher awareness to assisting his wife to transmute her own inner reactions, by talking/listening, helping her to identify the source of the agitation and offer new perceptions that would transmute and heal.


She might not want to go through the pain and instead lash out or bury it.  This is her choice.  You cannot help heal someone who does not want to be healed, or believe.  What is belief but perception?


Many people can reach a high frequency or loving energy, but find that these inner reactions interrupt that beautiful mind state.  They turn from the external sources and try to live in a "controlled" environment where they can feel the strongest.  

Only flaw is growth will be seriously restricted or stop altogether.  You will top out until the weak bricks are replaced, your building will go no higher.


What if?


Imagine if we all transmuted energy for the people we came in contact with?  By simply keeping your "higher eyes" on, grounding our thoughts, and employing conscious observation over all experiences, internal and external.  In other words, heal yourself by facing your pain, and spread love, patience, and compassion everywhere you go.  How many lives would be brightened?  How fast would the collective change then? 


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Comment by Olga Stolyarchik on October 11, 2011 at 3:50pm

Great article. Thank you for sharing. A few ago I discovered while practicing Reiki healing that there is much more can be done beyond traditional ritual Reiki. There is so much possibilities opened up and I learning everyday since. My sensitivity to feel sudden energy charges around me rose dramatically within last couple of years. And just last month I be able to see the waves with eyes open. This is really amazing, like a vibration we're can see when hot beach sand touches the air. Energy shown this way is indication of abnormality which I can correct through open Ajna. Simply concentrating until waves changing direction bent to detour where can be properly grounded or just dissolved in wide open space. Surrounding yourself and your space with positive chi and maintain that flow is the key for keep yourself and your family (pets too) happy in balance. Regular practice will help to find and keep your inner peace.

Thank you

Comment by Martin Euser on October 3, 2011 at 7:23am

Nice. Once again, a vivid illustration of the working of opposites. This is a key teaching of the sages, like Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. Friction elicits fire. It needs two to tango. That's how things evolve.


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