I believe awakening and ascension are two different ideas.  Ascension as a spiritual concept is when we no longer require lessons here in this density and move to a higher level of life cycles.   Our stars and planets are physical bodies for the very same consciousness or souls that inhabit these human bodies.  The heavenly bodies have a right to move into a higher life cycle the same as us.   Ascension as a scientific concept is the clock work of the Universe.  The timetable of the shift of Sol and his dependents(as it relates to us)  through the Universal Sun's equator, or mid line.  When we hit this point, logically, Gaia's magnetic poles will straighten, bringing with it the stories of destruction and fear that many cling to.


I feel that an awakened person is an empowered person.  A person who knows that their very thoughts and intentions can and will change the world, and who takes responsibility for that power.


 For example:  There are many different ideas about the 2012 shift, I know what my logical brain tells me about the clockwork of the universe and the potential hazards contained therein, but my heart tells me to put my intention and focus on holding in my mind a peaceful bright and beautiful transition.


I know that my thoughts and intentions are power, so what choice do i make?  I am not a victim of circumstance.  I am an empowered consciousness charged with holding that beautiful image in my mind, to create along with all the others who hold this image, a space for this reality to come into existence.  We will draw that future out of the uncountable possibilities found in the whirlwind of dimensions, we will draw it to us with love and intention.

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