Visible and Invisible


We have senses and contact the world around through them.  Sense organs have limitations so far as their operation is concerned. Yet we experience the existence beyond the area of such operation for the simple reason that we can physically move ourselves and go beyond the space around to confirm its availability. Thus sensory perception is only an initial stage of our experience and not the final stage of our perception. Extending the analogy will it be alright to feel and say that there is a vast and invisible area of space, outright beyond the ken of our visibility, audibility, taste, smell, touch – the normal faculties of our sense organs? Space again involves and implies inhabitants therein, and this study can lead us to a vast unimaginable field of knowledge.

This seems to be the basis either to accept or reject the unseen worlds. This is where the religious knowledge and faith has stepped into the area of human thinking. Believing on faith that there are invisible, super-physical, supersensory worlds a lot of information is pumped into the knowledge tanks. This is all the time debatable, decisions or indecisions drawn after elaborate discussions. Te primary point for consideration is that ‘faith or belief must reflect in one’s performance and behavior’ and it cannot be a dry fact of verbal expression. Arguments need to be substantiated. The latter concretize the former. It is the sense of actuality that gives a form to the thought and adds continuity to that.

We have a physical world, and a physical body to live and exist in. similarly worlds of feeling and thought are with us, though we do not objectively perceive them. The subjective nature all the time acting within us is a factor that can be objectified by us. Photography, sound recording are good examples for this. The feelings and thoughts are also objects that can be created, transformed and manipulated. This is a part of our physical nature. Physical, emotional, thinking areas are also available to us and coexist with us. They are experience though not all the time seen directly. The three are distinct in our behavioral pattern and character, and we fuse them together to make a meaning to the whole. This we call in terms such as ‘meaningful or mindful living.’ Their distinction makes them into three, the same time working as One this gives base for a decisive view-point that each of us work in three worlds very time, though the capacity to deal with each independently is also reserved for employment when we need that . Each man thus becomes a ‘dweller in three worlds’. This can also be extended further to say that there are worlds beyond the three now discussed. The vastness and expansion are measureless. If only a serious concern is applied, these worlds can also be explored and traveled into.





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