Philosophy is the name given to a theme explaining the source, process and product of manifestation with all its constituents. The underlying Unity is a continuous stream (Antar-Sravanti) and beginning with the under worlds it rises into the higher regions of Consciousness, the earth we live on being a mid-point.


The theme is both Theoretic and Practical, hypotheses that can become functional.

Proofs are available, they are too subjective and experiential; and can be appreciated only when given a trial in living. Drab study dulls the mind. Study, supported by action, leads on to enlightenment and enlivens.


Philosophy is User-friendly. Its use in day to day living sharpens the human instruments of Understanding. Take advantage of the Used-friendly Philosophy and see how it changes, trans-forms your life and your relationships.


The exercises provided must not be taken to be interruption to the reading. Neither are they intended to treat you as school children. We know you are all mature enough and are prepared to take life serious enough. They are to make you pause and think for a while to assess/reassess your values. Subject being serious, we need a break after each section of thought. We may even come up with some ‘quotes’ in the proceeding text, in languages not common, to provide you more scope for introspection and reflection.


One of the purposes of philosophy is to make men and women of the world ‘thinkers.’ Thinking is always on the new lines. In Sanskrit, there are two terms: Manushya and Manava for the human being. Though they are used synonym in general, they indicate two distinct states of being. The former is the body-mind consciousness while the latter is movement towards a newer consciousness.  There is a constant churning in human consciousness going on in the world every time and it gives birth to a ‘new-find consciousness’ (navaneeta). Philosophy, as already mentioned, is user-friendly; and otherwise it looses its purpose to our life and living.


We encourage you to move on with this study, critically analyze the statements: Do not blindly accept them; Do not reject them without proper examination.


Our sincere Invitation to you to make a Way in the process of opening new vistas to your understanding that “All is Bliss”.


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