How to integrate them to reach the ultimate?

To find out the truth of things, visible and invisible, is the exploration attempted by us. Truth is ultimate. It is apparent, phenomenal, and eternal too. Knowledge is the preliminary factor that changes from time to time, place to place and if we still observe, from person to person. Can there be a knowledge that would not change its color and texture? There can be a higher knowledge, not common place. When the relative factor is taken into consideration, wisdom is a sophisticated term to indicate this higher knowledge. There can be a ladder from the lower knowledge to the higher, a bridge leading up and ultimately united them. There is a Divine relevant to all space, time and varying states of human knowledge.

All human knowledge is derived primarily by the senses. This is further classified into certain classes and categories. There can be a higher sensory perception that becomes a further matter for exploration. Categorization of knowledge is broadly under three segments. They are, simply stated, Science, Philosophy and Religion. Whatever could be the human attainment, it would naturally fall into one of these segments, one way or the other. Each of these has very many branches within.

Science literally means ‘to know’. Philosophy is the science or knowledge of the Soul. It has, by usage and custom become the way of one’s thinking and feeling. Religion is that art of relating the human being to the original source or the ultimate of the process. These three are interrelated and interdependent. We have, over years, made the mistake of playing one against the other and presupposing that they work one counter to the other. We must remember that they are, all said and done, human inventions in an honest and sincere attempt to know the truth. All are speculations or imaginations to start with and on experiment become crystallized facts of life. This crystallization too gets softened as the process of thinking advances. They become the approach roads to our understanding. Each has its own limitation and also a wider scope for expansion. Sub-divisions and specializations is what we see these days. While knowing something about everything is nominated as General Knowledge, knowing more and more about one thing alone becomes special knowledge. There can be a topic, when once it is known, all else that is knowable becomes vivid. This is again a matter of speculation or wishful thinking, but cannot be ruled out as an absurdity.

Having no pre-conceived notions and looking at things as they are, in an open mind, could perhaps be a way of integrating them. Commonality inherent with them makes it possible. The knowledge is to make men and women of the world happy, contented and consolidated to a single point of existence. This is what we are terming as a blissful state. We can view them as themes of Unitary expression. The entire globe, all manifestation is One; countless number of facts could be integrated well. To realize this point it would be necessary to study first and understand them as-they-are. Once the need for this is established, the ways for adoption open before us. Human life, as we live and enjoy, is a matter of continuous journey. We will also see that we have no option so far as living is concerned. We are obliged to live. That being the case, why not we try to live well and in perfect understanding?

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Comment by Dr N C Ramanujachary on June 7, 2012 at 11:52am
Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on June 5, 2012 at 10:38pm

Brilliant post. Your ability to present complex ideas in simple wordings is amazing.

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