Is there a way of life that we can adopt?



Regulating one’s own life is what we do when we understand things in a right perspective.  Knowledge and updating one’s understanding each day, changing one’s attitudes and opinions, based on experience obtained, is also known to us. Sometimes we may think that there is nothing in our nature that needs a change. Scriptural knowledge comes to our aid in our understanding.  It is not necessary to take it as an ‘authority’, but consideration as to its utility and its contextual examination is necessary.


A preliminary understanding of human nature, its processes, relationship with others, as well as Nature, is the basic need.  Non-personal observation and non-judgmental attitude in daily living is helpful.  These days, terms such as Yoga and Meditation have gained much currency and are advocated for practice. Words do not mean the same thing to all, cannot even describe the total meaning of the term. Much is left to imagination, reflection and deeper consideration.


Yoga and Meditation are normally associated with religion and philosophy. Now, science is also giving currency to the practices of yoga and meditation.  Life is enjoyed in layers and levels. Mind plays a conspicuous role in life. Our life is lived in many planes of nature, not just at the  physical level. We consciously or unconsciously live in three worlds, physical, emotional and intellectual. There is need to obtain coordination among these three levels. There can be higher laws of life and they ought to be adopted if the life is to become Total and Blissful. We see competition and comparison playing vital role. We often say, the world is full of competition and unless we acquire skill to be on the top we cannot survive.  These views require a close analysis.  No knowledge could be a proprietary theme of a particular group.


Friendliness is a quality natural to us. But we come across many enemies, named and unnamed, known and unknown. There can be no external enemy; our internal nature may breed certain traits that are inimical to the basic nature.  Not knowing about them, it is possible we wage wars against life, its situation and events. We may build a life that is not compatible with the Compassion we ought to contain and carry with us.


Realizing that there is much gross/crude nature associated with us and cultivating subtler aspects of culture and enlightenment would make our life well congenial and comfortable. There has to be Reverence to Life and we have to assume responsibility for life. We must be prepared to share our life, our knowledge with others. No one’s life is solitary. We are part of a net work of relationships and/or a web of Life.  We are tiny constituents of One Globe.


Developing humaneness and moving up the level of Divinity is natural sequence of our life. We have the potential for such orientation. Initially, it may need some practice coupled by conviction. As the adage is, it is only ‘constant practice’ that makes us ‘perfect’. Perfection is a mark of divinity. Humanity, essentially a constituent of divinity, can flower in the Divine Garden. We are designed for that, may be growing in the direction unconsciously; yet we can do that consciously and help the Nature.










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Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on May 27, 2012 at 10:29pm

This is one of the finest topics to discuss we have had in a while. In my opinion, we all have to find our own individualized way of life as what works for one may not work for another. As Dr. Ramanujachary states:

No knowledge could be a proprietary theme of a particular group.

As for waiting or striving for an adept/mahatma/teacher to guide us I would like to quote David Korten (New Economy):

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Comment by M K Ramadoss on May 27, 2012 at 2:25pm
My preference is to act now bases on my understanding and judgement. I am not young and may not be here when Adept Teacher shows up. One bird in hand better than many in the bush.
Comment by Bill Keidan on May 27, 2012 at 2:13pm

The Way, the Truth and the Light. Humanity's challenge in our time is to render itself teachable. At which time an Adept Teacher - a Master of the Wisdom or his appointed representative - will come to your aid, give individualized forms of yoga etc. Without that you may struggle a lifetime in vain. Some people are resistant to this concept - they will have to learn by other more lengthy means. The first principle is to render onself teachable - this requires a high level of humility and selflessness.


Comment by M K Ramadoss on May 27, 2012 at 10:09am

Good that your blog brought up this topic.

Most people tend to think of themselves and rarely think of others - everyone around us - relatives, friends, and even strangers. Added to it is the thought how we can help everyone we come across. These simple things can make everyone happy. We should try to make the world happier for every one of our actions. Each one of us can try and see where such attitude leads us.

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