Group Forming for the 7 Problems Facing Humanity

This group is forming and all are welcome to partake in it. Hopefully we can each share our ideas with out any rancour or serious disagreements. Really there can be no disagreements as each contributes their understanding and to each her/his own awareness. Discussion is both welcomed and encouraged. We are all in this together as we are part and parcel of humanity at large.

It always seems best to start at the beginning.If you haven't read the blog post " The Seven Problems of Humanity " please do so now, or if you have please review it. I think it is safe to say that each will participate and be drawn to a problem that most resonates with them. Although input will be welcome toward each problem we discuss as it unfolds. If there is enough interest the group will proceed

Since Alice Baily wrote the 7 Problems of Humanity in 1945 and revised it some twenty years later. A new energy has begun to appear on the physical plane coming from the higher realms from a fairly new formed ashram called the "Ashram of Synthesis". This represents a further evolution of incoming consciousness. Where as in the past one strove to Soul awareness mainly on an individual bases while coming together with other like hearted and minded souls.This new formation is calling for a group of Soul Awakened individuals to come together and to work as one entity.

There are no leaders or follows in such a group. It is based on consensus and allowing the energy to overshadow the group as a whole rather then individuals separately. It is a new Thought Form beginning to appear throughout the world.We can see a glimmer of it in the Arab Spring and the Out Wall Street movement.

The purpose of this group is to come together and bring forth viable ideas to solve the seven major problems facing the world today. The urgency of this cannot be stressed enough. Else humanity at large will fall back into the old thought forms of war, greed, and maintaining power over others as well as the resources of the world to a greater extent then they are at present.

A further explanation of synthesis will be given in the next post.Unfortunately, I do not always have the time to post each day. Please leave your comments,ideas, and if you are interested in pursuing this endeavor.

Without Vision the People Perish,and without Action both the People and the Vision Perish.

Thank you for your consideration,


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Comment by Olga Stolyarchik on November 2, 2011 at 9:37pm

Hi Cassandra,

This is great idea - indeed! An individual soul Awakening is a greatest achievement for a human being. One Higher Mind in the progress evolving transformation, when united with the others, become bigger part of the Universal Evolution. The Universe is our Academy and We All students. We can share personal learning, grow wisdom, addressing opinions and finding solutions for the Global Peace.    

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