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Russian and English

Infinite Peace

( Notes from my personal journal)

Theosophy is new for me too but I am reading like do everything to the extreme to become the best student that I meant to be.

My life interests in ancient astrology, deep philosophy, parapsychology, metaphysics occult and esoteric science and true believes.


Purpose Dedications Goals

I am living on physical disability, due to ovarian cancer and my life is now very down the Earth and primitive as far as material belongings. I do support campaigns for "Human Rights watch",  "Support victims of natural disasters" and "Save the Earth climate by reducing CO2 into the atmosphere" Everything I create art, custom jewelery and poetry promoted on my website. I am not own a car nether bank account. My life is very simple. I eat what I grow in my garden and my small disability is enough to pay for the rent and Internet. These two things is vital to have in 21 Century. God blessed me with my home in California with nice weather, where I can grow my own vegetables and fruits, with my ability to continue working over the Net and help the world in need as much as I can and of course with my cat name Star. I am cherish those three things the most in my life. And I am never been so happy in my entire life. A few years ago I make this decision to cut the material world that produced human greed by closing my bank account and selling my car. This maybe sound outrageous to many people, I had the same mentality before until  my life path went through a challenge when I lost all my family and twice almost my own life. America is my country and I will stand up for always but the monopolistic world where is the money stands before everything is against my spiritual believes. I saw the Universe in the other transitional stages and this experience teaches me many good lessons. I know that me walking or riding a bike wont saved planet from the pollutions and have no bank account wont make bankers less greedy but this is my way of thinking. Everyone should do the best from their living positions to help the Earth survive. Without of that nobody will be alive. This is why I write the poems and lyrics asking  people to unite with this extremely important mission not just words and if everyone will try to reduce their own hazards whether an extra car, new electronics excessive buy, new wash n dryer, etc. "From good to better is evolution but is not for products of more air pollution" Poem "Green Light" Within 43 years of my life I was suffer absolute crises and the God saved my life and show  the way I should be living. After all that I have been going through I never thought there is any religion existed that will impress me. The Theosophy is the biggest lifetime self-achievement and an ultimate blessing . Before I had a spiritual awakening  in 2010 seeking my Faith for so many years became lately a permanent self-doubt that such a thing exist beyond my spiritual experience interpreted in my writing. Now I know it is true and I found it with "co-incidental puzzles" such an astrology, song  "Lotus Flower" and reiki. Along with something else led my way to find Theosophy.

The Lotus flower represents nearly the same thing. It is a water-plant. Its roots are clinging to the dirt, its stem floats in the water, representing the Astral plane; its flower swims on the top and unfolds itself under the influence of sunlight and air. Thus the soul of man is to unfold itself under the sunlight of divine wisdom, if it is to attain theosophy ; all the study of religions and symbols is only a means to that end” ( Three Objects of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY IN AMERICA: II — Franz Hartmann)


God inside of me

Not a dream or delusions. All the lights energetically charged forms of cells and a molecules. I am not be able to see this yet with my eyes, the third eye is open. I feel physically a substantial presence and touch that saved me. It is amazing feeling God inside of me with the Light This is happened about 6 months ago. I was a featherweight and barely touching the ground. From ultimate one of the kind absolute happiness, that I never had in a whole life .

My Spiritual Awakening was real and on full effect last two weeks after and then a transformation The white ray of light reached inside covered my heart and healed from emotional wounds.. Just for a second my heart aches in dull pain like scars heals on the flesh and after that I felt an Infinite Peace.  From the personal journal about my Spiritual Awakening."




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At 8:02pm on October 27, 2011, Capt. Anand Kumar said…
Many Happy returns of the day, Olga. May you be showered with all the wonderful experiences.
At 8:42pm on June 21, 2011, Olga Stolyarchik said…

P.S. I want to apologize for my English language. You may find many inefficiencies in my writings (grammar,  words in wrong order sentences, etc,. My English language is a  self-education. At the beginning (93') I knew only 2 words - Hello and Goodbye. Never be able go to school (even elementary level) decided to learned on my own step by step of the life coarse. I took a road trip around whole US and back to meet Americans in different states and learned their culture and specifics in parts of demographic. Russian education excellency in Russian language and  literature helped to learn how to write and read. Except the fact that writing skills are still very limited (like I writing music notes by ear)compare to writing abilities and will.  To know me better  see my art galleries and poetry page published on my website: www.Zhibit.org/grafixgirlive

Also I will be posting on this homepage some of my  thoughts from unpublished book on my biography and documentary. Some of it professionally edited, but not all. So I will ask you to do me a big favor if you can write a short review and correct my grammatical or any other mistakes. Fair criticism always good for me and never affecting in the bad way. My mind is far away from self-piety producing resentments to anyone for anything. 

Please go ahead and tell your very true opinion.



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