The energy of Synthesis is a new energy, a new force and a new substance.  Its Purpose is the building of a new civilization which will carry the Evolutionary Plan for humanity into manifestation.  While it is a synthesis of 1st, 2nd and 7th Ray energies, and carries then resemblances to these, still it is not like any one or any combination of them.  It is like itself insofar as this planet is concerned.  In the Cosmic Scheme it is a lower correspondence of a very subtle Cosmic energy which does not yet reach our Solar Logos.

Its primary characteristics are fourth dimensional and thus most difficult to define and describe.  It both radiates and absorbs at the same time, producing a motion and a relation of motions which brings the extreme opposites into immediate juxtaposition.  (Please note - useing the terms - radiate and absorb - because they are the closest language can produce, yet they are not completely correct nor do they adequately carry the concept.  Keep this in mind, endeavoring to intuit the meaning in meditation without the use of language.  Some day science will produce correct terms with which to define this fourth dimensional activity.)  It, the energy, radiates the positive pole, and absorbs the negative pole, contacting each of these in whatever form it has entered; and thus through radiation and absorption it out-pictures as its own substance the extremes to be resolved.

It might be said then that conflict in the extreme is one of its major characteristics and effects.  That conflict however will be short-lived, relatively speaking, due to another major characteristic and effect of the Synthesis energy.

Because of the radiating and absorbing nature and motion of Synthesis, the pairs of opposites are quickly synthesized into a one, a total, or whole.  The positive and negative poles are radiated and absorbed into one another, or one atom, so to speak, because of their juxtaposition or perfect alignment.  Thus that which was once so-called good and bad have been wedded into a new state or condition or manifestation, which is neither good nor bad, but simply an evolutionary movement.  One of its characteristic effects in manifestation is rapid and one might almost say, radical change.  Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.

The Synthesis energy is appropriated via a direct alignment with its centers of reception and distribution; which in turn aligns one with its Source.  For instance, any disciple or probationer familiar with the Nature of the Soul series can use the center it has become for an alignment with the Ashramic focal point, Master M., Master R. and Master D.K. and through that focal point, for an alignment with the higher Triangle.  The energy will be released to the individual or group in exact proportion to their power potential in SERVICE.

It can be appropriated by the group working in unison as Souls via an alignment through the focal point of the Ajna center. To the Planetary Logos and the Avatar of Synthesis.  The individual group member who is working alone but at-oned with the group can use the same alignment.  The energy will be released in exact proportion to the group power potential in SERVICE.

One might well ask, is there no other (more personal?) way to appropriate the Synthesis energy?  Ah, the sin of separativeness rears its ugly head.  Every energy which reaches you comes to you through a series of centers which, aligned with one another, provide its path of least resistance.  But then, yes, there is another way.  You may use the path of least resistance created by your own Ray energies, aligning the bodies, the Soul, the Monad and so reaching toward the Source.  You will receive the energy according to the perfection or non-perfection of your own interior alignment; your ability to comprehend the Truths which are the Soul of the Energy, and your power potential in service.  Choose whichever technique you will and SERVE. There is much to be said of the right use of Synthesis. Certainly the ordinary common laws of brotherhood are applicable in the use of Synthesis.  Technically, it is applied directly to the situation or circumstance via meditative direction and the use of the voice, hands or eyes as focal points of distribution.  The latter are first aligned from the meditative focus with the inflowing Synthesis, and then via the devas of Synthesis in the etheric network with the target.

To successfully apply the Synthesis energy, one must first divorce ones self from all emotion (taking care to include the emotion of others as well as one's own in the divorcing) regarding the situation or circumstance.  One rises above the sense of good and bad, pleasant or unpleasant, desirable or undesirable, and recognizes the need for evolutionary change.  That change from an ever-diminishing darkness to an ever-increasing and illuminating light becomes the common necessity; the goal to be achieved in every instance.  One's love embraces all equally.  One's compassion fulfills need, soothes and quiets torment, forgives and stays guilt, and finally transmutes the many shades of hate into an understanding love.  One's mind, brain and nervous system organize Truth, in the construction of that new way of life which humanity is seeking; building a new form of thought here, a new automatic response there, a new quality into one's relationships, a new clarity and purpose into one's words, and finally a new life form altogether.

This organization of Truth which is the task of every disciple in the field today regardless of his department of service, is based upon a new understanding of the pairs of opposites.  Remember that Synthesis actually synthesizes the many into the one.  The disciple who is working with this energy looks for the right relationship of all apparently separated parts, so that that which appears by itself as false and unreal is finally seen as a facet of the many-faceted jewel of Truth.  Nothing is discarded as actually false or wrong, or bad, but rather it is gathered up into its right relationship with the other pieces of the whole.  The whole or total unit then becomes a part of the heretofore missing pattern of the Divine Plan for humanity  and serves its Purpose.  In so doing it becomes an illuminating force in the world.

The major dangers of Synthesis are all too obvious in the light of what the energy does.  It is almost magical in the sense that the 7th Ray is magical in its effects; and one must then guard against its wrong use for purposes of selfish gain, power, pleasure, excitement, etc.

One must also take great care to stand free and clear of the conflict of force produced by this energy until such time as that conflict has completed its work, and evolutionary change makes it appearance.  If the disciple is pulled into the conflict he becomes swamped by it and is incapable of distributing the further flow of energy needed to complete the effort begun.  In such cases everyone concerned suffers failure of one kind or another, for a premature cessation of the flow of energy in any given situation is an open invitation for less conscious forces to sabatoge the work. 

Always qualify every application of the Synthesis energy with the protective direction to manifest the Divine Plan in this instance, in Divine Law and Order of the Creatoress.The  Divine Plan as it is known in the "Great Invocation" written through Alice Baily in this age was conceived eons ago after the shattering of this part of the Cosmos. Mankind was severed from direct connect with both the ONE LIFE, and the Golden cord connecting them to the Higher Self/Monad was greating reduced in size. It has been an evolutionary plan of slowing rebuilding Consciousness back to its original state before what has become known as the Fall in Western traditions.

That is the esoteric part.The exoteric part is creating a New Civilization based on syntheisis. All the studies of the varies mysteries, and pursuing personal enlightenment as the end all and be all is separative pursuit which will not save humanity from  itself until we come together as a oneness..

In the next post lets begin with the Physical Reconstruction of the Physical World.

This could include what kind of energy is best to use other then nuclear. How can we be for something instead of protesting against something. Being for something has greater postive power and is a use of synthesis then being against something which carries a negitive charge that creates an even greater backlash.

How do we reclaim the water of the planet? Whether oceans, lakes,rivers,and streams.

How do we reforest the trees and grow food/ plants with out pesticides and other poisons?

How do we prevent corporations and others from using up all these resources for their bottom line. How do we help people to understand that these too are living things, and need nurturing to become their full potential? That the trees are the Earth's lungs,the rivers her blood, the air her breath. That every living thing is part of a Holy Communion. Everything is a food chain for something else to be able to live by eating it. The greatest of all these is the humble grass. It feeds everything that mankind needs to survive on so his opportunity for evolution may continue. How can we eat less meat which requires huge amounts of grain to feed animals that would otherwise feed thousands of hungry children everyday instead? 

These are just some ideas to get things started. Anyone is welcomed to bring forth those things that resonate with their own Soul calling. It can be on anyone of the seven problems.It is not necessary to go in order. Everyone is welcome to post and answer questions that others have. This a group evert and their is no single person in charge.









































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