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Theosophical History Conference

Theosophical History Conference is scheduled online for Oct 8-10 and is Free.

More info at:


M K…


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HPB Scrap Books

HPB kept scrapbooks and they contain interesting information and her written comments are of interests to students of theosophy. They have been scanned and are accessible thru https://en.teopedia.org/lib/Main_Page

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At present there is no single point real time distribution of theosophical and theosophical organizational news. This is changing.
Theos_news, a new group at Yahoo has come up. It is exclusively for real time…

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Some thoughts on current International Financial Crisis

Professor Gautam Kaul, Professor of Finance at University of Michigan is teaching a free course on Finance through coursera.com which offers courses for free by top faculties from top universities.

In the syllabus, there is a very significant statement. He says:


“Read the Economist as often as you can; it has some thoughtful pieces. However, recognize that you need to develop the habit of reading material critically; just because something is published in a reputable…


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Vol 6 of Krotona Series by Joseph Ross Released

Just learnt that Joseph Ross has released Vol 6 of Krotona Series. Deals with years after 1931. Yet to see the book. Just ordered it from Amazon. Also a Kindle edition is available. Will look forward to a pdf file. Which is the most efficient and effective way to distribute material around the world in today's Internet World.  This is especially true when those interested in the history of TS and JK are miniscule and spread around the world. Yet to see any reviews by editors and authors. Let…


Added by M K Ramadoss on September 19, 2012 at 1:09am — 1 Comment

A grant to research influence of theosophy on art and music

Professors from several universities are going to use a grant to research the influence of theosophy on artists and musicians. Here is the full article.

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Unveiling of Statute of Col Olcott in NJ

Enjoy video record.

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Occult Schools outside Indian Subcontinent

In a recent blog Dr. Ramanujachari drew attention to a letter T Subba Rao, well known theosophist, wrote to HPB on the topic of Occult School of South India and Trans Himalayan one. While few of the Adepts of both traditions are known to the public, thanks to the writings of theosophical authors, a basic question that we may want to inquire is this - Surely there should be ‘other’ traditions from other parts of the world such as the China, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.…


Added by M K Ramadoss on July 26, 2012 at 6:58pm — 6 Comments

Spontaneous Inspiration - Its place in spiritual matters

EO in his foot note on last page of the Eliphas Levi’s Paradoxes of the Highest Science says:

Let your exact science, so proud of her achievements and discoveries, remember that the grandest hypotheses - I mean those that have now become facts and undeniable truths - have all been guessed, were the results of spontaneous inspiration (or intuition) - never those of…

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Long Blog Posts - Some thoughts

In all online forums, frequently we come across long posts. Indeed it is understandable that complex ideas and situations need explanations which tend to end up as a long post.

Many who browse forums as well as on maillists, have limited amount of time to read and review posts and emails of interest. This is simply a factual matter since many have daytime jobs and they spend time on Internet after hours. Many tend to ignore long posts due to time constraints.

In the above…


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An account of how Manjeri Rama Iyer, an activist theosophist in India affected the common man and woman

The work done by theosophists in India on the social aspects had immense effect on how theosophists and Theosophical Society is viewed in India. Many theosophists were involved not in speculation of what is going on in unseen world and occult side of things, but were active in improving the conditions of the masses. Why in the recent decades we do not hear of such interests in theosophists should be of concern to everyone. Unless our activities affect our fellow men and women and children,…


Added by M K Ramadoss on March 31, 2012 at 9:44am — 1 Comment

Donation of iPad2 and iPad3 needed for www.theosophy.net

Recently we received complaints from users of our website that some of the items do not work properly on iPads even though they are ok on desktops and notebooks.

Our technical support people do not have iPads to test and fix the working of the website. Hence we are looking for donation of iPads 2 and 3 or donation of money to buy iPads.

Theosophy Network is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, and hence all donations are tax deductible

Please contact…


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Accessing scanned texts of The Theosophist, Lucifer and The Path

There seems to be some confusion about accessing some of the scanned theosophical material on www.theosophy.net. Here is how you do it.

Go to  www.theosophy.net.

On the website, on the top portion, you will see the following tabs, left to right.

Home, My Page, Members, Blogs, Forum, Resources, Teams, Chat, Photos, Videos and Help.

Clicking on Resources, will open a window show…


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Theosophy and TS

One of the things that baffles newbees as well as long-time students of theosophy, is the confused definitions of theosophy. When one tries to discuss or debate the subject, we may end up parting with deep disagreements because each one of us may have been introduced to theosophy by various lineages, each clinging to certain viewpoints. HPB seems to have forseen this problem and addressed this to the second annual convention of the American Section. She stated:


But there…


Added by M K Ramadoss on February 21, 2012 at 1:19am — 4 Comments

Cycles - A fascinating article

In the early theosophical literature, there are many references to cycles and how entire universe is governed by cycles. I just ran into one of the most interesting articles about cycles. Here is the link. Some of you may enjoy it.

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Uploading videos from Youtube

I have uploaded two videos from Youtube. How can I make the video shows up in the frame instead of Youtube logo? Need tech help!!!!

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Contribution of Joe Fulton and Theosnet Recognized

A new book titled The Theosophical Society: The History of a Spiritual Movement has been published by Jeffrey D Lavoie. First 25 pages can be found here.

While I have not had a chance to access the full book, it appears that it is a well researched publication and hence anyone interested in the history of TS should read it.

Something that is to be noticed is the author’s acknowledgement of the…


Added by M K Ramadoss on December 30, 2011 at 11:24pm — 4 Comments

Creating Compact and backward compatible Acrobat PDF Files

Acrobat PDF is the digital format most widely used for storage and distribution of books, publications and other documents. It can be displayed and printed in all operating systems.

When a pdf file is created either out of a program such as Word or output by a scanner they can be very large.  It is highly desirable to reduce the size of the pdf file as well as make it compatible with earlier versions of Acrobat Reader. The current version of full Acrobat program has an option to…


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