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Time and Space – a Dream within a Dream?

Astrophysicist can tell you all about this, but I wonder if you ever considered time and space as a nuisance? After all, space is a distance you must pass between getting from here to there, and time is just a hindrance from being complete and whole. The future is anticipation of something either good or bad and the past is something to continually process and…


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The Biggest Gift

All knowledge must come from within. I could tell you this and that and you could listen but in the end you have to be cognizant of what I have told you, you must accept and practice your new-found knowledge, otherwise it is of waste. Wisdom is useless unless you can make practical use of it. You must life it, day in day out. Or you can just gloss over it. The biggest, single most idea I can plant in your head is that life is eternal i.e. death as we call it is a phase and moving from…


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The End of Times: the Armageddon and the Coming of the World Teacher

Dear Friends,

I have written this book, this is a draft and I am asking previews and comments on it. It is downloadable on Createspace and initially will only be available as an eBook for 99 cents.

Download a preview version

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Magical Thinking

Some Ideas on Magical Thinking

The New Thought movement and the Secret has much merit but both fall short on practical advice and cautionary warnings.

The magick community also has its problems and misunderstandings with the true nature of phenomena. Let me post some ideas of mine.

  • Ceremonial magick while important facet is not as important as they make you believe. Ceremonies, costumes etc are like are crutch to place the…

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Killing Pigeons

I am not a devout Buddhist. While I subscribe and love much of the tenets of Buddhism, especially the Mahayana sect, I cannot be part of any organized religion. So naturally, when killing nuisance pests was the question posed to his holiness the Dalai Lama, this came to mind. Someone asked him what he thought about…


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Dogmatic non-duality is a mental illness

You have all heard of acim (a course in miracles) and dogmatic "non-duality". The followers of these pseudo spiritual, nihilistic schools of thought state that everything is our own perception and we live in a subjective world, hence we are all individually responsible for everything that touches our lives. Google the words subjective versus objective reality. Now, lately I have become a serious student of the Hermetic Cabbala as a natural progression after Agni Yoga and Theosophy. This…


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Time and Space – a Dream within a Dream?


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Why Belief is Overrated

...or the Wisdom of the Kalama Sutta

Buddhism and perhaps the Hindu traditions are the closest organized religion that kept the Ancient Wisdom philosophy. The Ancient Wisdom says; everything is part of something greater and all is part of an infinite, transcendent, unimaginable “thing” we call "God".

The last millennium had brought us a lot of wonderful scientific research,…

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The Significance and the Legend of the Chintamani Stone

There is a special story about a piece of stone from the Star Sirius. (I was reading upon the Agni Yoga discussion forum). A meteorite stone supposedly, given to Nicholas Roerich, in circumstances hard to verify.

While the Chintamani Stone as other supernatural stones and objects, the search often relates to the physical item and the very possession of such item is the alleged key to its magic, in reality the physical item is seldom as important as its corresponding, “doppelganger”… Continue

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After watching the movie “Doubt” (also a Play). I wanted to write this essay on the subject. I loved the movie “Doubt” by the way. It was superbly done and has great critical acclaims. The story of Doubt has very little to do what I am about to say but I could not resist the “plug”…

Now for the concept of doubt; many New Age authors claim to have been guided or met supernatural beings. Some people lap it up while others show disdain and contempt.

What is the truth behind… Continue

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Art or the Pulpit? The two Pronged Approach to Spirituality.

"We are facing unsettling times when peace of mind and harmony are much sought after conditions. Unfortunately, where there is a need often the snake oil salesmen appear from the woodwork.

I am talking about the mysterious “Ancient Wisdom” often enough to get emails that asks; ”Ok, where can I learn this Ancient Wisdom, reliably and for FREE?”

People have natural instincts, well from the few obvious gullible, who know and realize that God’s consciousness and peace of mind… Continue

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