All knowledge must come from within. I could tell you this and that and you could listen but in the end you have to be cognizant of what I have told you, you must accept and practice your new-found knowledge, otherwise it is of waste. Wisdom is useless unless you can make practical use of it. You must life it, day in day out. Or you can just gloss over it. The biggest, single most idea I can plant in your head is that life is eternal i.e. death as we call it is a phase and moving from the physical to the spiritual phase. If you realize this and can accept, understand and permeate this to your entire being, then you are all of the sudden richer than the richest person who only focuses on the here and now and the physical. This is what Jesus meant by "my Kingdom is not of this world". "Death" is followed by an involuntary rebirth to finish up on lessons we have missed this time. The problem is I can shout and yell on the street corner of this and people would not listen. It is not important for them they have their work issues, families, money problems far more pressing. This mundane life puts the veil over their eyes and they cannot see the obvious. Cannot find the tree from the forest. Only when close to death, even the rich start paying attention, realizing that we all get old and sick, and all the riches, toys and stuff is meaningless, and in the end Bill Gates billion could not buy him one day of this mundane life, IF his TIME IS UP. If he is missing the obvious who is richer in the end him or me?

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Comment by andrasnm on April 28, 2012 at 10:19pm

Joe, most ills of the US Western Society comes from the fear of death and apprehension of growing old, if most people realize and ACCEPT it as a natural cycle we would not have so many miserable people. Most miserable are the rich, because once they have it ,they think "is there all there is to it?". You see they are just as insecure, miserable and sad because every day they look into the mirror and see a dead person, instead they should see a immortal soul, but all there is in the eye of the beholder. 

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