The Significance and the Legend of the Chintamani Stone

There is a special story about a piece of stone from the Star Sirius. (I was reading upon the Agni Yoga discussion forum). A meteorite stone supposedly, given to Nicholas Roerich, in circumstances hard to verify.

While the Chintamani Stone as other supernatural stones and objects, the search often relates to the physical item and the very possession of such item is the alleged key to its magic, in reality the physical item is seldom as important as its corresponding, “doppelganger” on the subtle plans.

The Holy Grail

For example even centuries later it is hard to imagine if the chalice of Christ was a real tangible item or a metaphysical object important only in its esoteric meaning. When we have very little understanding of the historical time and life of Jesus of Nazareth, the existence of such grail can be elusive. The Holy Grail often mesmerized people’s imagination and they became obsessed by it. In reality they became obsessed by the search and ownership of a magical item.

The metaphorical lesson in the search and the “object”

The item is seldom as important as our metal projection of it. The importance of a Grail, or any philosopher’s stone is only as important as we project into it from our mind...

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Comment by andrasnm on July 7, 2009 at 12:02am
Agni Yoga is the Roerich's. There is a legend that he had a stone but it vanished. It was said to be from Sirius but of course back in the 20's 30's you could not verify anything like today.....

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