Some Ideas on Magical Thinking

The New Thought movement and the Secret has much merit but both fall short on practical advice and cautionary warnings.
The magick community also has its problems and misunderstandings with the true nature of phenomena. Let me post some ideas of mine.

  • Ceremonial magick while important facet is not as important as they make you believe. Ceremonies, costumes etc are like are crutch to place the practicionair into an altered states, a trance that can be achieved without any costume or hocus pocus.
  • true magic is not obvious yet consistent. That is the beauty of it. You operate under the radar and everybody thinks you are just lucky or blessed, while you are making everything happen. This way you avoid attention and negative consequences or unwarranted animosity or envy.
    People come to you for a good show if you want to show off. True magic is not like that. You do not want to show off and do not want attention. You do things for others and a little for yourself.
  • Magical thinking is only partial, the vibration of letters, colors and sounds can and will work with your mental effort on tandem.
  • Your invisible selves must be in harmony in order to work with the elemental forces. Your physical is only ONE aspect of it. The invisible is ALWAYS more important.
  • Finally,  It is not emphasized strongly enough. Doing simple magic is natural whether you know it or not. We all think, believe, strive and create - good and bad. Life is magic.
    However, ones magical effectiveness is commensurate to his/her spiritual purity and heart. You simply cannot do advanced magic without being advanced spiritually. That is the first and foremost fact to follow. Look inside and ask why? What motivates me? When ready your centers open gradually and that will propel you like a rocket to the moon. You however should NEVER, ever try to force or work on your centers. Work on your purity of heart, compassion and character.....never your chakras.
    If you wish to do magic for selfish reasons your abilities will not advance. You can injure yourself and/or go mad! This happens quite often.

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Comment by p.kishore on March 13, 2012 at 2:07pm

Group work is necessary as it is the need of the hour. Keep your ego in control and if you have extra ordinary abillities use them to full extent. People follow you any way. Train them with all but HUMILITY.. The more you teach them the more you were taught. Ceremonial Magic is the result of Exoteric Sadhana or Science of Sacraments or Rituals. You must believe in Rituals and its significance in realising your true potential or you dont believe them. Middle way is not existent. Just believe in it practice it see the results and share it with others. Without experimenting it no correct experiences can be shared in my opinion...


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