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Disaster in Philippines

The year 2011 will be remembered in history for disasters. Beginning with the earthquake in New Zealand, followed by the earthquake and tsunami in in Japan, to several earthquakes and hurricanes around the globe, it is about to end with a  disaster in Philippines. Heavy rainfall brought about by typhoon Washi resulted in flash floods and mudslides killing 650, at the last count and over…


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Evolution Of Technology

The origin of this post is in a question that I posed to our brilliant host of the World Wide Wisdom Radio talkshow - Peter O'Lalor. In the context of apprehensions about the emerging technologies, Nano and Bio, my question was "Can Humans Control the Evolution of Technology?"


Let us look at the four discoveries in the Human history that had the greatest of impacts. Someone, without planning perhaps discovered Fire. Surely the elders and the wise of the society of that time,…


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Humanity Vs. Divinity - WWW Radio

Listening to WWW Radio is an amazing experience. Peter, in his affable voice explaining the Ancient Wisdom is not only mesmerizig but also addictive as in the end it leaves one desiring for more. Heidi is a perfectly neutral host allowing everyone to put their views across and never imposes her own thoughts. It is this background, which encourages people like me to ask questions.


In the show last week, Peter explained that Spirituality is a study related to Divinity. Post…


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