Listening to WWW Radio is an amazing experience. Peter, in his affable voice explaining the Ancient Wisdom is not only mesmerizig but also addictive as in the end it leaves one desiring for more. Heidi is a perfectly neutral host allowing everyone to put their views across and never imposes her own thoughts. It is this background, which encourages people like me to ask questions.


In the show last week, Peter explained that Spirituality is a study related to Divinity. Post show when I was thinking about what Peter said, certain questions arose in my mind, which I took the liberty of conveying to Peter by e-mail. Those questions are listed below with slight modification in wordings for improving the clarity:


1. Is Humanity different from Divinty? What is it that makes it different?

2. What is Divinity? A principle, an entity or something else?

3. Can Humans aspire to be Divine, i.e. become advanced Human Beings?


Peter, in his kindness, has promised to answer the questions during his talk show tonight or tomorrow morning (depending upon the time zone you live). So friends, tune in and listen. Those who cannot call can use the chat window for participating.


Enjoy the Show!!! 

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Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on May 24, 2011 at 10:24pm

Once again Peter and Heidi put together a show which was a beautiful experience. Participants shared their experiences and opinions on the above questions. Peter's answers to the above questions in my own words are as following:


Humanity Vs Divinity

Humanity is the study of topics dealing with forms or matter. Divinty is the study of topics dealing with formless.


What is Divinity?

Answered above.


Can Humans Aspire to be Divine?

Yes Indeed. Provided they give up their form or bodies.


Can we develop these ideas a little more in a more simple way so that it becomes explainable to children.

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