Occult Schools outside Indian Subcontinent

In a recent blog Dr. Ramanujachari drew attention to a letter T Subba Rao, well known theosophist, wrote to HPB on the topic of Occult School of South India and Trans Himalayan one. While few of the Adepts of both traditions are known to the public, thanks to the writings of theosophical authors, a basic question that we may want to inquire is this - Surely there should be ‘other’ traditions from other parts of the world such as the China, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

It would interest theosophical students to inquire what is known about the other schools. Let us open up the discussion.

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Comment by Hari Menon on June 19, 2013 at 1:38pm

Coming to the people who call the deities from the dead civilizations of Babylon, Greece, Persia, Lebanon (Bael),and Egypt - there is a thing to be said of this , many or most of the "books' have been lost to the world , but the Indian and Buddhist adepts have access to these mantras and practices carried during those days , And the antidotes for each and every spirit is known , One cannot call on Osris or Isis oe Sekhmet or even Horus , or Eros or any of the divinities Like Ahuramazda or Bael etc - what is gone is gone , even the cosmic mind though it does not forget , it does not according to certain rules relating to cultures and languages and their phasing away are "removed" from memory , those Gods or symbols can be seen in meditation even today , but rarely instructions are givem through those heirachical symbols , as with also the Inca and Mayan and Aztec cultures , the history and symbols can be seen by a particularly adroit student but it is only of academic proportions . 

German and Norse can be seen but are very very rare . Less rare are the Latin hierarchy and some cases , thenGreek are seen by people as there are Roman gods corresponding to most Greek gods . But these are by accident and no instructions are given on a continuous basis . In which I mean these may be seen under certain circumstances but are :"dead symbols" since there are no underlying knowledge to these . The persian symbols used by the Parsis of India are still alive , but Ahuramazda can be seen , the others are slowly fading away , Zoaraster can be seen seen , but these are in the context of the knowledge meditations of the Vedas only - or one has to be a practising Parsi , nothing can be seen otherwise . Because the Pasis have Gayathri Mantra which is called the Chatushpath Gyathry in the Vedas , this is slightly different form the Gayathri Manthra which the people popularly use in daily prayers all over the world .THis Gayathry is used mainly by intending Acsetics and men on the wisdom path . It has the following line at the end " Paro Raja Vedom " (meaning , Take me beyond the Action of Rajas as signified by the OM of the Vedas ) - this is a true warriors mantra  who decides to become  existence  itself and totally liberated eternally.

Having said this then what is all the rubbish we hear of ancient gods and goddess being called up in these or other countries by people who have formulated or found sounds to conjuor up maleficient spirits from these dead cultures , in order that they can destroy man and mankind in the hope that no remedy exists and cannot be there . It is a perversion undoubtedly since the intent is more vicious, but in most cases there is a safe guard by the cosmic , the symbols are inactive , the languages dead and so what happens in the subtle regions , a signal of someone trying to raise a dead symbol by improper means is known , in time it becomes an anachronistic act (this point is very significant) and so the Devas interfere , they send in helpers to "act" as spirits of possesion and approach the practitioner . It is a very strong statement when the Devas involve themselves through proxies ,It ends in the total perversion of the intellect of the practicioner by delusions of grandeur , and self importance , he is totally destroyed - such a person will be "played along" by these helpers and they will possess a few people temporarily as they have the power of the Devas , so as to make believe that the practitioner has succeeded and he is lulled into a false sense of victory , the helpers unpossess their subjects and actually no harm comes to them , but it is done to make the person slip deeper into the morass , these people of proclivity are assumed to be remenants of the conceptions of god in those days , this is what is not known by many , it is like a sweeping up of the balance anachronisms of babylon etc !! and they are ended without anymore recourse to life , or a very painful evolution , starting from the lowest of the 14 worlds .It is actually not even stone , these are the areas which the cosmic rule intentionally forgets or the power of forgetting as in human beings (it is not the quality of the infinite but rather the nature  or  a  shakthi of the manifest part , Hence forgetting in people also .

But occassionally we can tap into the sources of power in other cultures which are intact ,for instance the greek alphabets , or the vedic alphabets , the alpahbets are still valid and enlivined , so if a particular alphabet has undergone a transformation and is no longer used today in the modern usage , this "fragment" can be used for knowledge alone when it appears , In fact it appears to a precetive student as it is enlivened and has power to instruct.

The above is a rough round up or backdrop of the rules of the terrain . It is a very vast one , with millions upon millions of mantras and connected power symbols between maybe a greek alphabet and a vedic one or a chinese one , powers vary and can be used to remove inimicable elements  of different countries , and obliterate it but mostly we give and instruct in liberation - this is the true vedic tradition so - most spirits respect a vedic background which they can know by auras , will, pranic colours etc . I am not being one sided it is a fact , Buddhist also are respected as also the chinese but it evokes great loyalty when they discern vedic knowledge - somehow within the recesses of their consciousness they relate to it as something of hope , something they remember so far and onl and having learnt and still alive , ancient but new ,it evokes respect and a quest for knowledge rather than fear or possession . 

Whilst in Nigeria -I was naiively unaware of the machnations going on behind my back . when I used to sit for meditation -there was aliteral assault by various spirits and entities which at first seemed to be inimical but they soon warmed up , and they were quite respectful , these spirits of the african continent actually "come on very strong" they are remarkably strong in their emantions of power , the land itself is like that it remind syou of a vast rock billions of years old and unchanging and unforgiving , there is a certain raw energy and power quite unlike in india which is more rounded and soft and calm , the bigness of even the grass and the anthills are astonishing - the spirits rae raw and quite frightening if one has not intuited the land first - they are in a sanse unsullied and raw power emanates almost unearthly both the land and the spirits . They cognize knowledge in one very fast , so they are not dumb , they are very very knowledgeable and belong to some part of consciousness rarely interacted with man . Booming voices but very reassuring (the modification of the mind I mean ) they talk and transmit things . But unfortunately the lesser ones are also equally or in comparison to their counterparts in the world in other countries more powerful and energy laced . But somehow they do not "follow" a person across the oceans , they stay there in on the African continent itself - so if a person can keep his distance - he will not be troubled , but naturally the people of africa have no recourse. These spirits are deities of the natural elements and quite crude for an indian who has from the lowest the most sophisticated conceptions of God even elements  and looked on with compassion by practice , But the problem is like parents allowing their children indulgence they are looked upon in amusement and allowed to go on in harming a person not realizing their power which is raw , and the capacity to suffer by the human being who is frail if he is from another nation . It takes time for them to realize that the "children" have overstepped the bounds and then step in by which time a man is a wreck of a person.!!. In my case it was my first indication that the spirits who were my guides and helpers or attched to me possessed tha power to "accompany me" anywhere in the world . They used to intercede and keep locals as guardians and vanish for times at a stretch only to reappear later to establish contact as if to see whether I was fine. But I did go through some tremendously bad periods due to vodooo (local and small scale) being practised by my security guard and personal driver !! But this was with talsiman and not real voodoo which is totally different . The disturbances where there but did not affect me much , yet some type of hallicinating , and some strange pressures were there , but on the whole nothing great or really difficult to withstand but the power in the process was a bit more than one expects , The speed of movement and the delusions were connected as if my mind was being read and played with - it is quite disturbing , when it happens like this , for delusions are truncated or intermittant not a continuous and lucid one .This disturbs the areas of dream state - which is so crucial for thinking in human beings , And the things done were just by Talisman. It was not done to kill or maim me but just as preemptive to make my actions favourable to the staff in the company .  Suffice to say I had to leave before my contract period but due to other factors - but one wonders .Talismans are created by using the leather of various animals and making a small pouch maybe one square inch and filling it with various rubbish, there may be ashes, or bones or other things or hairs etc or various different insects or animals and then "breathed" into by a medicine man . It is common for both cure of diseases and for harming people or for hurting enemies or in a more "loving" way to make a mans actions  favourable for one self . THe christianity practised there is from the middle ages and very crude and would even shock anyone , it is a mixture of primitive elemental and nature beliefs adapted to the bible and and Jesus !!. On one occassion the trouble was so bad that I did not sleep for two days as i was awake and had to sit in transcendental consciousness so as to be away from the rubbish of these , the third day it waned but events were very inimical to me , not having the precise knowledge as the Adept to ward them off fully and completely .

It is a bad memory even today ,I hate to think of some poor unsuspecting soul who may not have had any inkling

and connected his normal life bereft of what was actually happening on another plane .  But once they (the perpetrators) got wind of what I was doing at home it scared the pants of them !! as they thought I was some ven greater expert in vodoo whereas the fact was I was trying to put it at bay by just transcending into another level where these things do not even exist - but it did take a toll on my body - not my mind and intellect , I left the place when my "accquanitances" came back  and they helped me , I even had period of self doubt as to wheher they had done it purposfully but , it was not so as later it was , shown - this is the problem with experience and knowledge , first the experience comes and later the knowledge - one has to strive to make them both at the same point coinccidental otherwise some type of suffereing is inevitable !!!. Another really bad place is South America where the practices are not quite straight forward . Vodoo is practised there - I will write about vodooproper in the next post - it is a subject on its own . I have not written the rites or the things used normally and how these things are done and the psychology of the practitioner . It is too lengthy and quite repulsive , the items used and the Sankalpa involved - one has to be base to do really do it , The ordinary man just talks of evil they do not or cannot comprehend what evil is beyond Hitler and a few murders and gun violence or incest  - evil should also have the element of the absolutely repulsive and abhorrent that makes you wonder is this really man ?. One values good then.   the thoughts that accompany the ceremony would make anyone cringe . Fearlessness is a state of self realization or so they say . One can only salute the self realized people who stand at the other end of the spectrum.Who while everyone else are sleeping are awake and working in mysterious ways and always occupied with the thought of man and how to help him and the world for they have no other body - the Yogi considers the world as his body , whilst the materialist thinks the world of his body !!

Comment by Hari Menon on June 19, 2013 at 11:33am

Dear MKR,

 Thank you for the reassuring words , In fact I was almost regretting having written what I did , yet I decided that what I started would be gone through and so just came back to your post , I am really glad that you take a balanced view of all this , because your maturity and sagacity does shine through. Since I of all people did not want to be an instrument of spreading such things , ordinary people are wont to go in for the sensationalism rather than look for the truth behind these things .

      Now let me get to the rough facts since I am not an authority on this ,unlike the people who have gone in depth into these things.So to the point rather:

There is nothing out of the ordinary if you ask me, anything bad has a good and vice versa , In this matter also no fear is called for since the people who fall victims are actually weak in will and knowledge . It is easy to penetrate the unsuspecting victim. I will tell you exactly what I was taught by this Yogi acquaintance of mine , 

He Instructed me on the theories underlying possession so that I would have a knowledge and not be afraid if at all anything happened . Now according to him people die of various causes and many may not have had full satisfaction from the worldly life or leave in fear of death , or are not having progeny or others to do the final rites of the dead person etc etc. And according to him every person who dies , first enters the world of Pischas (ghosts and lost souls of untimely deaths etc) - this is an inevitable law and everyone HAS and MUST pass through this area which is in our plane of existence albeit a bit more subtle .It is a kind of conditioning for further progress , now one day in the Pischa world is the time of conditioning it takes , this corresponds to one year of our human life which is why a follow up practice is always there in the First anniversary of a persons death. this one day in the life of a soul in the pischas world is not very happy as he moves between light and darkness as in a single day but it is actually 6 months each . There are some exceptions though it is rare and good people who have ancestors and have done offerings on the death anniversaries of their Pitris (Ancestors) are "helped" by them who have the power to - by will and mantras to "move " their relative through thsi place quicly to the Astral proper or the world of Prana . MInd being still higher than prana . Now the denizens have a big defect in this area (as also in the other higher regions) - They have Viveka only to the extent that they developed it in real life , so they do not possess the necessary knowledge to assimilate and learn life there and progress to a higher level. They will soend some time and descend into whatever thing it is and plane , they cannot even go to the world of Prana ,now suicides, murdered people, murderers, child molestors etc (whoever have been human beings) and now dead are the normal denizens and are not worshipped and are forgotten by everyone .It is a very weak place of life , but a frightful one since the emanations are very inimicable . and it seems as we do not have shape we reflect back what we perceive if fearful and they assume grotesque shapes of black shadows but the feelings are reciprocated with the same emotion , It is a place where there is no such emotion as hope , because the newely dead person has a small consciousness of the feeling that he is the body , and so his reactions are that of as if he were in the physical plane , but it is nor correct , so his response of fear etc ie. the base and cowardly feelings are recognized and not his sublime instincts of supplication or prayer etc since these are not known to the denizens there !! because if they had culivated the finer emotions in life on earth their intellect would have reflected it and so they would not be there !! so they respond with inimical tendencies , this is all in feelings but the new souls dies a million times due to lack of this right knowledge , his life is miserable , but luckily there is a limit to the suffering as he is destined for  higher planes due to the natural growth of his intellect when he was in the world . so at the end of one day he transmigrates normally and automatically as per the routes mentioned in the Bagavad Gita and the Uttara Gita ad the Garuda Purana which is the authority on this subject . He is bewilderd by the array of people there , mostly like beggars who intuit that this person is going up so they pluck and pinch hima nd plead to go with him , some try to wylay and mislead him and all kind sof rubbish , some will entice to the magicians under whom they are , tricking them into believing the suffereing will go and a better place is offered etc, now the good part -  a person who has developed honesty and piety and is faithful etc , these are the sattwic virtues in various proportions and so there are "spies" who are always there to send word to their masters in Prana of a good soui and they are according to their aura taken under their protection , these spies or helpful spirits are not usually denizens of this area and belong to a higher plane , but are the workers of the overlords there , and they can travel up and down and are not hurt by the lost souls or Pischas , these helpers are small sized  beings but radiate the will and authority of their masters and do not work on their own in salvation of people other than who they are directed to help , they radiate feelings of their masters and do not have feelings themselves , they appear like children and show the way or spend time , till the day is over , now who are these small ones ? they are actually the denizens who have been purified by stay in the lower regions, heaven only knows what the time or ages would have been spent there , but gain they do not have the capacity to increase knowledge , they do not have an intellect only humans have an intellect which grows to maximum  potential . some areas of gods also do not have intellect and some do not require it at all. Now these helpers are actually attracted to the new souls from the upper parts where they are servants of some other spirits by the offerings snd prayers done by the dead mans realtives. for what happens is when they get to know of the offerings which is a rare thing these days , they will rush to the aid of the person , as they will also partake of those prayers which will eventually help them also to rise up . I hope you ahve a fair idea of the construction of the place of PIshacas which is next to the phyiscal world Now how is it realted to the self realized yogi or a man of deep knowledge and practice ? both have realized higher intellects and will just pas through in the flash of an eye , through this layer in Sadyo Mukthi , other wise by virtue of practice and knowledge they can opt to stay at will and directly liberate spirits quickly , there are rules and other things for students who are high when they die but not self realized. They become like temples and a place of worship for these souls , - now gain ther eis another aspect , say suppose my parents die and I have done the rites , it helps in pushing them and some "poor" forgotten ancestors in our lineage if the Punya is strong , so by chance some poor forgotten family spirit gets release to another level , It may not be necessary for me to do annual rites of the departed relative , but people do it every year , but their realtives would have long gone maybe in the first year itself , but this also helps as other poor souls are entitled to these offerings which are in excess and not required by the ancestors , so they will "ride" on those prayers , which is why they congregate in and around temples and holy places - now this has a  manifold effect , the immediate relatives are entitled , next the far relatives who are forgotten and have nobody to do their rites back on earth and then poor souls who are not at all related and lastly the country is benifitted , again a question arises - there are no countries and boundaries in the subtle sphere so how is it that a country is benifitted ? this is by the culture and thought structure to which he belongs , here in India we do the Vedic rites so it is immediately marked as such , in the christian world it is similarly distributed , again what was the conception was it done for the whole world with understanding  ? then it has a very strong effect , but it is not given to the whole world immediately - there is a lengthy and highly scientific way , the paryers rise to the realm of the sun and bless the culture first and gice share to that culture spirits in other realms , according to what is required for their progress or to push them down to a good birth downwards . Inshort they "fall" favourably - I may use the analogy of Insolvency proceedings !! , but with a difference . 

Now again the really good yogis can at any level can "become a witness" since they are perfectly realized - by which I mean they when confronted with an evil at ANY level by either on a one on one basis or on an army basis can just "become the witness" by which I mean he can become the surrounding space in which the immediate threat stands and see himself standing also within himself , and he thus becomes the "divine Person" who is the indweller of everything that is there , and immobilizes the army or the threat by just willing , and can even will them into inimicable regions which are 7 below the earth, This is the right given to a realized ascetic  since he is a man of peace , actually he does not send anybody anywhere , but he last thought of the person automatically according to his samaksra throws him into that area of consciousness to suffer , till some help inadvertantly comes . This is the death in metaphysical regions and is akin to physical death.

Apart from this digression : the Bad and ugly 

These are a really strange lot , the denizens are to be pitied and compassion for their plight is to be had rather than fear as they are also trying to evolve and escape , but cannot , and it is considered a great mark of respect and power to "know" a person on earth who can do actions by matter is available only to man , and is so the highest , so the spirit who has access to a human being is revered and feted by the other lesser ones , so it is relatively easy to call upon these spirits , as they are never worshipped etc , and mantra is the food of the subtler realms , thought is the body , so waxing and waning is there for their bodies. 

Now when a peron wants to do mischief he will call upon spirits of dead civilizations if he has intelligence , other wise he ill "try" to conjure up  spirits with rubbish incantations !!!  a very foolhardy thing to do and makes one laugh , since these souls in the vicinity will divine the "call" and do what he wants , this is by affecting the senses of the enemy or a loved one etc , as per the instructions of the practitioner of the Black arts , now a funny thing transpiers here almost bordering on the humorous , communication is by Vrutti or modification of the senses of the ear !!, the spirit can talk not in words but it can affect the modification in the subtle region relating to the ears (ie sound) - so it will appear to the practitioner that he is "talking' to the spirit , actually thoughts are exchanged by feelings only , they intuit a man wants help !!!  and requires a spirit for it (the man is thinking it is his image that he conjured) the spirit acts like he wants as it wants liberation !! so it is willing to do what the man asks for , now the best joke is Viveka or discrimination only man can have to the fullest (ie of bad and good ) - the spirit cannot affect the victim and feels cheated - so he gets back to the originator and "reflects" back the same emotion that he was asked to carry out , in the same measure and intensity on the originator - the originator if not careful will be afflicted by his own thoughts, now another hilarious thing happens in another case - if it were to affect a person well versed in what I have just described and the person has the ability to intuit the spirit , he can reverse the same by directly giving liberation by "exposing" his knowledge to the spirit , this spirit then becoems his helper as he can reach the highest from this second mans help and he comes everyday and is instructed in Advaita and the spirit gains in strength and brings everyone to teach this second man everything about the other realms by virtue of his new knowledge where by he has bee let into realms he could not have imagined , This is the Narasimha of Shankara , he will never let any bad come to this second person and the first person is totally overpowered and broken for ever . So knowledge is valued and as the culture from which it emanates is known instictively it is more valued according to their knowledge of subtle areas. They bring spirits who are their friends from other cultures , which is reflected by the same on earth where an american travels to india and neets a wise man !!! In a way of punning a relative movement in the subtle realm brings a movement by another relative downstairs as the relative upstair wants to gain power and position by his relative practising thsi valued culture or having knowledge about it !!. 

I have written tto much - but we will come to dead and ancient civilizations in the next post ,Too tired now , I am a two finger typist due to my handicap .

Comment by M K Ramadoss on June 17, 2013 at 12:36pm

Thanks for the response.

The potentially destructive power of Voodoo can be recognized by the fact that when HPB visited New Orleans in 1850s, she was told to leave immediately lest she get entangled with it. The Voodoo in New Orleans was brought by the slaves from Africa.

Enlightened individuals are there in all parts of the world and before HPB talked about the occult fraternity, the facts were kept so secret that it was impossible to know anything. When I posted the question, I was trying to see if any additional information is available from any source.


Comment by Hari Menon on June 17, 2013 at 12:12pm

DearMKR ,

     On a close reading , I have understood that you want something other than the Indian Occult sciences - it is a difficult proposition , because almost all the proponents of white magic are in India , maybe a few in Japan . And when I say white magic I mean it because one has to have a good grasp of the Black arts and how they work , many have learnt it the hard way , but many have it taught .- Voddoo if I may say is mostly practiced in the Americas and Africa . There are people who use Egyptian and Greek and other lesser known deities to do the dirty work . This by way of clarification, you cannot see a separate school  based on geographical boundaries , it sort of overlaps and distends in actual life - the boundaries are different fronm the physical boundaries , even the ural altaic region has great significance as the himalayan circle extends to the urals .

I can continue if I have it from you that I will betaken seriously and not a mad man .

Comment by Hari Menon on June 17, 2013 at 11:58am

Dear MKR,

     I came across this post and did find it quite enlivening , I can give you some of my personal views which may not meet the exacting standards or the structure of  a well investigated approach , it may even come out as a school boys essay and quite leaning towards the superstitous , since my acquaintance with with Middle East and African Occult (I used to laughingly refer as Criminology to my friends or Demonology to the more inquiring of my acquaintances , But again I would not say that I used these words in the strict sense of the words that they may be ). It was just a passing thing and I have not gone very deep into either , but related it to many things I have heard and learnt during my life and its experiences . A brief idea about myself will suffice for you to understand what is to follow - for after all the circumstances would put things in some kind of a perspective 

I did have a short stint in Nigeria , and being in an interior location I had ample occassion to observe their beliefs both modern and ancient . All during my sojourn away from India , I had made it a part of my life to lead life the same way as if I were back home - mostly in the matter of Yoga which was very close to my heart and so I did not want to give it up whatever the circumstances and wherever my life would take me . In short I used to meditate and also cogitate and resort to my memory which I consider infallible since I was not having the luxury of either getting the desired books of my choice nor capable physically of carrying too much around with me .

 I was the victim of concerted and repeated designs through "Vodoo" as they generally called it there , and alternatively "Black Magic" as the more educated and communicative of them would later tell me . It was my first and last experience with these words . My views are to be seen in the background of my training also which was under what most people would call a complete man of wisdom and I have had good fortune of having relationship with a few others who were also adepts of their trade (I use the word Adept not because of respect , but with full knowing what they can or cannot do or demonstrate to another ). I was asked whether it was a wise move to go to Africa and of that all places in the West Coast in Nigeria - I was quite not quite taken aback when this Yogi (with whom I had a long standing friendship) asked me whether I knew anything about Voodoo - again this is all the more significant since this person was a pure ascetic - did not speak a word of english and was well advanced in age , in fact he had indicated as to when he was going to leave  his body as he called it . I was curious and I told him that I was familiar with the word but never gone in depth or any such thing as it was something I equated with the dark arts . So he said he would give me some back up knowledge if I was interested , I knew better than to ask about his experiences and how he had come across voodoo in the South of India particularly in a state which was famous all over for its exponents of Yoga who were in a way the Bulwark of white magic in India . It might surprise you this statement of mine but in the society that is progressing ahead on modern thinking and secularism and what not , there exists in India according to my estimates not less than 50 to 60 million people living as Yogis and ascetics in various sects and with various attainments and at different stages - this is a world the average man is not aware of , and in this world the other world does not intrude , it does not exist , you can live a life time without coming into too much contact with the materialstic world . I am not exaggerating , if you take the number of retired people , and householders who are into yoga and spirituality in some way or the other , and the aspiring to be brahmacharis who have left home due to some dissatisfaction with the world or just to explore the terrain - the number could be anything between 150 to 200 million people . This is quite unique to this country and this part of earth alone , now to cut a long thing short - I was "inducted " into the nuances of White Magic or Knowledge with its practice to be done along with yoga , the crux of which he told me and which I easily understood  as I was not a novice to the path of knowledge - He told me to take more care in the aspect Called "Sadyo Mukthi " and its knowledge which was quite amenable to me .Sadyo Mukthi as we all understand it easily is nothing but the knowledge of the 14 worlds as embodied in a Yogis conception of the universe - 7 lower and base worlds below the naval and the the other 7 from the navel upwards . It is just an adjusting of the same knowledge to make it cope with bad and evil that is all . He also told me the places in India where Black magic was being practiced even today and what they do and some of the rites involved and how the mantras are used and how spirits are called and made to work and how they behave etc etc . These are well known to most good practicioners of Yoga what was new to me was the places he mentioned and the where they were adepts in BLack Magic which was news to me (in India I mean ). And he did tell me that it was my duty as a sincere aspirant to know very well how to counter black magic with Knowledge and that it was not to be taken lightly or as a superstition but as a real and present thing already existing , and to keep up the good name of our state which had  a very old Vedic tradition particularly of the Samas . He also told me that of all the Black Magic known to man , and practised all around the world in various parts , Voodoo was the worst and most potent and all the rest were just much lower and easily controllable variants of the general category called Black Arts . BUt according to him which was also quite strange is that he indicated that the worst of Voodoo was in the Tibetan regions , it was not a physical region but a region corresponding to another area which includes the present Tibet and some parts of the himalayan region . This is particularly vicious as the exponents are not alive ostensibly !!!.

But the major part of The Himalayan Range includes another but very strong influence which has adepts who are true yogis and some even live for more than 400 years etc . and that they were among the really great disembodied adepts and a permanent obstacle to the other one . I did not have reason to disbelieve all this as the Yogi himself who was telling me all this was known to help people who usd to come some even from America, Middle East and other countries to get rid of either pretended or other maligne influences due to that they did not get help anywhere else or practicioners were not there., Now aniother things is that he says he was also  part of the Indian school of yogic adepts but a lesser one , who was specifically by some divine destiny to spend his knowledge of yoga in this area of life. And that he was under assault from inimicable influences from time to time .

This post is quite long and might seem to bolster superstitions and other things so I will not continue with the introduction and will make a later post in continuance to this on the specifics of your question . I do not wish to be seen as being aparty or an adeot at these things - but I felt I have to give a background of my introduction to the seamier side of life and not just ann academic study which I am not cut out for . My knowledg of Theosophical Teachers do not extend very much in fact my introduction to modern theosophy of HPB and others have only come after i joined this site otherwise my idea of Theosophy predates the modern connotations which I find very weakly understood by the adherents . It is always an honor to move in the circle of exponents of a philosophy rather than read about it .  Though it takes much more to be an adept one is at least aware of the scope of the study and field of action . I do sincerely hope I will not be hounded out for writing all this , a maturity and depth is required to undertsand these things . I am willing to share what I know of this esoteric science (not its practice - but about it so that it may dispel some wrong notions ). But I am not so sanguine about this venture rather it may produce more ignorance in the reader than knowledge .

Comment by John on July 26, 2012 at 9:59pm

Excellent topic.

Basically, every religion has an esoteric side.

I'll dust some shelves off... :)


an aside:

our working definition of theosophy on this site reflects this fact. i.e. multiple different schools exist in all parts of the world and are different in their own way. Theosophy (i.e. "traditional theosophy") is defined through the actions and processes of individuals, rather than by a single unique doctrine. 

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