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Jeremy Rifkin's third industrial revolution and climate change moderation 2 Comments

Lately I have been watching Jeremy Rifkin's speeches on Youtube. He is an important economic advisor to many governments. As we are in the aftermath of the second industrial revolution (oil based), h… View »

Economic reform: Transition Towns, permaculture, local money, sharing and repairing 2 Comments

We already have all the knowledge and tools to effect a transition to a sound, sustainable economy. We will have to do that, since we're not only polluting the planet to such a degree that we are poi… View »

Peak oil and the disintegration of industrial society 24 Comments

Tomislav Markus has written an important article on  THE GREAT TURNING POINTPeak Oil and the Disintegration of Industrial Civilization: believe he… View »

Genuine Progress Indicators 4 Comments

Noel Ortega, from the Institute for Policy Studies, hits the nail on the head when he points out that we get what we measure, in this article on living wealth indicators. GDP doesn't measur… View »

How can we help establish a cooperative economy? 5 Comments

The history of cooperatives as a form of economic organization is fascinating. I have been reading a book about experiments in my own country that have been done in the last century, and some fe… View »

Chapter 3: a real-market alternative

The chapter starts with a beautiful quote from Martin Luther King jr.: "Communism forgets that life is individual. Capitalism forgets that life is social, and the kingdom of brotherhood is found neit… View »

Chapter two: Modern alchemists and the sport of moneymaking

Synopsis from the study guide: '“Modern Alchemists and the Sport of Moneymaking,” looks at the reality behind Wall Street’s illusions and the variety of its methods for making money without the exert… View »

Chapter 1: looking upstream

Summary The phantom-wealth casino economy show systemic failure, as evidenced by: - an economic crisis caused by a financial system that favors speculation over investment in production of useful goo… View »

Part I: The case for a new economy (intro) 13 Comments

David points to the cause of the economic crisis we are undergoing now: the illusionary belief that money is wealth.  It is a mere number created on a balance sheet. Yet we believe it is somethi… View »

Work plan and idea behind this group

Ok, folks. I like to say a couple of things about why I started this group. First of all, this is a public group, which means that all texts can be read by non-members of The reason th… View »


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