Work plan and idea behind this group

Ok, folks. I like to say a couple of things about why I started this group.

First of all, this is a public group, which means that all texts can be read by non-members of The reason that I created this group is, that I feel that there  has been relatively little in-depth discussion in our world about the values lying at the base of our economic model, also known as Capitalism. David Korten argues that these values are based on wrong assumptions. In his lectures and books, he explains this quite well. The links to the videos I gave you elsewhere will get you started. 

In addition, I would like to study David's book Agenda for a new economy, with the help of Agenda2_Guide_2010.pdf, which David has provided for free. We can use some questions out of this guide as part of our approach to this  material. His book comes free with a subscription to Yes! magazine, which I suggest is a sensible thing to subscribe to (see Page with links). In the magazine, examples are given of how people contribute to society in creative and sustainable ways. Some of this material will be summarized for inclusion in this group. I also fancy (me or other persons) giving some short summaries of chapters of David's book. That is a service to the public at large, and can help us focus on the essential points.

If any of you have other ideas and suggestions, please let me know.




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