Economic reform: Transition Towns, permaculture, local money, sharing and repairing

We already have all the knowledge and tools to effect a transition to a sound, sustainable economy. We will have to do that, since we're not only polluting the planet to such a degree that we are poisoning ourselves and the ecosystems we are part of, but peak cheap oil and climate change will simply force us to move in the right direction.  I will share some postings and links that will clarify  the issues and some of the essential solutions. We do not have many years left to change course, so, think about this carefully and consider what you can do yourself to effect the necessary changes.

Let's start with an interview with Rob Hopkins, originator of the idea of Transition Towns:

Rob also mentions permaculture in this interview. I will RSS feed some of my postings on Temple Illuminatus on the forum, when I have figured out how to do that.


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Comment by Martin Euser on March 26, 2012 at 1:58pm

Dan: I wonder how many theosophers are getting this message. Experts warned us several years ago that food security is under threat and may pose a problem before the year 2013 already. They were right. Last year saw food riots in Tunesia and especially Egypt. Prices will go up quickly the coming years. It is more then curious that we don't hear our politicians on this threat. Are they all ostriches, putting their heads in the sand?

Comment by Daniel Noga on March 26, 2012 at 12:58am

I've looked up Transition in Norway and the project seems to be just getting off the ground here. Perhaps getting involved will give me more incentive to study Norsk a little bit more, too.  :)

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