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The consciousness of the knowledge of God.

God is a spirit. We have a spirit. What happens when Gods spirit intertwines with our spirit? It happened to me. It was wonderful. One minu…

Started by Paul lee James

1 Oct 9, 2013
Reply by MANLEO

Love the gift from God.

I love all of you. I know at one time I had hate in my heart, I found out the hard, way hate will destroy you faster than a bullet. I see a…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Oct 3, 2013

Genisus 1:2

"The Earth was without form and void" then the word Waters is used. How can that be? If the Earth was formless and void, where did the wate…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Sep 25, 2013

Our experiences are from God as a gift?

Are our experiences a gift from God? If we learn good from bad and learn, doing good gives us gifts, and then we learn if we are bad we get…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Sep 22, 2013


"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face the deep, and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Sep 20, 2013

The Path

Could it be that our destiny is caused by (us) our experiences, people or God. It is said, God does not involve himself in our lives, I dis…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Sep 20, 2013

Rule over ones thoughts.

Not until late in life did I understand how to control my thoughts/emotions, now I do. Not every thought one thinks is a good thought. I wo…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Sep 18, 2013

The human effect

I am curious about why Adam and Eve disobeyed God after they walked and talked to him and knew he created them? The first commandment in th…

Started by Paul lee James

14 Sep 17, 2013
Reply by Paige


The question has been asked when does the human being get the essence of the breath of life from God (as did Adam and Eve) or from the firs…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Sep 15, 2013

Pay for the truth.

I have noticed lately that certain books like the Torah code are for sale. Why? If it is the truth about God and the bible why do we have t…

Started by Paul lee James

4 Aug 29, 2013
Reply by PuzzleSolver


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