The word truth means many different things to different people. I am beginning to believe that every word in any dictionary and thesaurus is bogus and meaningless. How do I communicate what I want to say, if the words I use are bogus and meanless? Do I put to much truth in believing they are right. The facts of the creators prove one can use theses words to be understood.

I am angry at me for thinking I can tell the truth as I see it, but the person I am writing to might not. But if the words are bogus and meaningless why do I attempt to communicate with others? How do we come together as a knowledge group to understand each others point?

God talks to man and vice versa, God is truth, man is not. If man is blind to any other truth but his, what is gained in trying to get your point across to him? Is Gods truth the only truth and that's why I must dig for truth in language man created. What comes first, knowledge or truth or vice versa? Then why do I know have questions on searching for truth in knowledge first, could it be I am looking in the wrong place? Thoughts please? Paul 

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>> I am beginning to believe that every word in any dictionary and thesaurus is bogus and meaningless

There are more ideas and concepts than there are words. Words refine and hone their meaning (primarily) through context.

Lewis Carroll put it well when he wrote about the distinction: "I always say what I mean" versus  "I always mean what I say."  (humpty-dumpty ?)


This is why the original meaning of translation and interpretation were actually the same. A literal translation is often the worst one. Bible study (non-academic) often overlooks this, as well as texts from most religions. The concept is to take a text and write it into another language... preserving the meaning. The English language changes quickly over time. King James English is not easy to read, but was contemporary at the time (or close to it). 

The New American Standard Bible prides it self on using a Hebrew word  and keeping the translated word the same through the entire text. This is not good, in general.

Each chapter was written centuries apart (some were not). When studying the Bible as a work of literature, people use the King James Bible. This is because the different chapters, written by different authors, have different styles of writing, KJ keeps the differences so the author's writing style shows through in the English text.


Talking, reading, writing.. those are at the foundation of good communication.. whether it's truth or not.  The thing is getting the grasp on what you think is truth.  Truth is only true to you as much as you want it to be. But what about perception or even belief or faith?  Think of a color blind person that can't see the blueness of the sky and sees it as white.. all his/her life they will see the sky that color no matter what people tell him.  To them, that is their truth, that the sky is white and to everyone else the sky is blue.  Does that make him wrong?  Social and Scientific accepted norms of truth are what stand the basis of what a 'truth' will be, but in his heart he is split in knowing what he perceives and in what he wants to believe... The difference between the color blind man and the one that isn't, is that the color blind person takes in the knowledge of the sky being what it isn't in his world... and the one without the color blindness takes in the knowledge of they sky being what it is as defined by the color that was given a name.  Can perception change the truth?  Is the color blind man wrong for believing the sky is white and thinking everyone else has it wrong?  Can the word of a color (or anything for that matter) change the truth? Or is it that we seek a deeper meaning for things that have names or words to describe it?

very excellent point(s)!

addresses the question better as well.


(I was addressing the another flip-side where a document - especially a translation, cannot be taken as literal truth)


 Can I have your mind you're great. I am color blind (I cannot understand shades) and have Dyslexia. "Truth is only true to you as much as you want it to be." It would seem truth is a individual action. Well stated discussion. Paul

Great question   and is mentioned in Upanishads about this holy word as separate chapters in all sacred text.

Truth will not change , but the persons understanding the truth will change from time to time and them mold to his requirements.  Words are to communicated usage of the same words under certain conditions given different meaning , the same word used under harsh voice will irritate other , even though the word is same when the vocal frequency change the same word gives different opinion. Knowledge with selflessness is important to under stand the truth. Any selfish idea will deter the truth and knowledge you had gained will be used for your development. Truth engages to words or communication. GOD communication does not have selfish nature , when man words are with out selfish nature we call them saints.

if you agree i will continue further in future  


 I agree keep writing. Paul

Upanishad words is SATYAM EVAM JAYATHE i.e the truth only wins. The under standing of the sentence with puntuation marks changes the meaning of the sentences which are written in old test. That is one of the reason the vedic knowledge or the knowledge esoteric shall be under stood under proper guidance . At the same same time the esoteric knowledge  should be taught after testing the disciple in all respects that the knowledge is not mis interrupted under nay circumstances and the holey words will stand to the time. People who make sins in this world ( sin is an act which hurts other or many) are punished here in different ways ( refer to Homeo philosophy by Dr. kent ) like diseases which are in-curable and the sufferings of these are from vital force or life of the body. The word truth is applied to the sentences , stories which stood to time immemorial and re appears when the humanity forgets at different times under different names and formulas.

The subject of life , vital force decease,knowledge of god, distance between the stars,anatomy of the body exists in indian vedic lit. and many other European test. When the humanity had forgot the basic knowledge the same was re surface in the name of Samuel Harnimun , Dr Kent. Dr stuart etc., Hence you can not say the truth which were revealed by them is new, but is only re discovered.

Truth will surface again and again when you try to cover it or destruct it some way or other in one country or other through educated or uneducated through the words of god or through scientific revelations. We say matter of time, for us 100years is huge span for gods / Master 100 years is short span to change the human root race from one level to other level.

hope you agree



 Well said. Paul


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