Beginning to realize why the ancients maybe used codes.

The ancients of the bible figured those who didn't believe in monotheism might steal and change their scripture into false scripture. But even then God did allow his gospel to be found and reintroduced. Can the bible (kjv) be interpreted spiritually or literally or both and why? Paul

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>>  interpreted spiritually or literally or both and why?

The answer is yes - both. You have hit upon the difference between exoteric and esoteric interpretations. The exoteric interpretation is read literally. At this level it must be interpreted at a face value with potential religious meaning. One has to remember that literature (Bible) was written over centuries with all of the differences in the cultural "times" it was written taken into account. i.e. Paul was writing to churches (often) and his letters need to be understood from that level (literally); to a specific set of people with specific problems at the date written. Taking the whole bible as one consistent "whole" is unrealistic 

However, the writers wanted to convey the more eternal meanings as well. These are considered more important points which must be written into the literature in a manner to avoid the changes in time that occur with words and a changing culture, These were added in as the "esoteric" (internal) truths. They have to be dug out using the "mind's eye", or in other words an "intuitive" interpretation. In a very real sense, this is often the hidden meaning where the techniques to add these meanings into the iterature were subtle (coded - in a very real sense).

you have hit upon the very important key to reading spiritual literature. That is really good!!  It is hard to convey this to people. the have to "see" it for themselves, individually. God then speaks *through* the words - the meaning passes as a light passes "through" a filter (as light passing through the words) with a meaning many do not see.

that might help... ??


 Excellent answer. I believe that ones belief draws God to the persons desire to understand and God puts that spiritual thought in the scripture for that person. Disbelief closes ones mind and heart to searching for another answer because of disbelief of that person. Well put. Thank you John. Peace. Paul

P.S. One is drawn to God then God is drawn to that person as well by belief and faith. I see I believe I understand.


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