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Life Lessons, Learned over Educated.....

My entire life and yours are lessons. I found it interesting and psychologically understanding our life as a lesson, I find the harder aspe…

Started by Devilwoman - TammyLatest Reply

The Distant Mosque

India has a long history of poetry in Sufi tradition. These are mostly in Urdu language, which is a mix of Hindi and Persian. I recently he…

Started by Capt. Anand KumarLatest Reply

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This Is Water

A friend shared this video with me this morning.  I thought I'd share it here as well.   Here is a bit of the intro from the youtube site:…

Started by Deb

1 Oct 10, 2022
Reply by Deb


What can community leaders learn from dancing Sasquatch guy?

this is a post by Eldon Tucker from Facebook's Theosophical Network. It is an example of community dynamics :) dancing Sasquatch guy

Started by John

1 Nov 1, 2014
Reply by Mark Kusek

Can that flash of insight be directed?

I've experienced those insightful moments before. Those moments when a "pattern" appears, and for a moment you can see that "pattern" down…

Started by David Allen

7 Sep 30, 2014
Reply by Mark Kusek

What are you doing in 6 months? The number 27 begs me to ask.

Look what I found, 'googling' the significance of the number 27... (because it is today's date, my birthday, my nephew was just born today,…

Started by Laura Clark

5 Jan 30, 2014
Reply by PuzzleSolver

Meditation and the Brain

A new study out of Brown University has found that a form of mindfulness meditation known as MBSR may act as a "volume knob" for attention,…

Started by PuzzleSolver

5 Dec 24, 2013
Reply by Seth Edwards


10 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn

A friend of mine sent this link to me and I thought I'd share it here.  I'm just throwing it out there; make of it what you will.  It's jus…

Started by Deb

2 Dec 19, 2013
Reply by Capt. Anand Kumar

My disability my ego.

It seems when I write to please myself and others I have found gone overboard. I am trying to persuade others I can write because my ego ne…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Nov 3, 2013

Structured writing

John, I love to write English words because I feel I created something good and want to show others my work. I always wanted to be accepted…

Started by Paul lee James

0 Oct 6, 2013

The Innovation of Loneliness

Started by PuzzleSolver

0 Aug 28, 2013

Some people meditate, Others just sit?

So lately the topic on a few peoples mind has been meditation.I haven't ever been trained on meditation and I guess for many people they vi…

Started by PuzzleSolver

4 Aug 16, 2013
Reply by PuzzleSolver


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