I love to write English words because I feel I created something good and want to show others my work. I always wanted to be accepted as who I was growing up and never was, and that problem followed me into my late age. It's definitely a personal psychological low esteem problem for me. I now can look back and see (clear as day) the why's. I can communicate with others, but my ego keeps reminding me of my (low esteem problem).

Maybe it's good to keep one ego as a reminder of whose's in charge, (my old ego are my new ego)? My nature has turned sixty degrees since my experience in the mall. I understand now I am unique, in the world, but not part of it's philosophy, one world one government one religion. At one time in history there was this nation (biblically). Today the world is diverse but in flux. like out of chaos comes order type philosophy.

I either paraphrase the subject in paraphrased word or words. Could I be (interpreting with the sentence above this one)? Can I use the word (interpreted) as a gesture to clarify a (point instead)? I will need all of your patience learning how to interpret. Paul

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