What are you doing in 6 months? The number 27 begs me to ask.

Look what I found, 'googling' the significance of the number 27... (because it is today's date, my birthday, my nephew was just born today, on this number, and.. it's just a lucky number, for me... it was a google search on this number, that found me to this group 'theosophy.net', just earlier, today, as well.  I'll warn you, though - it is weird.

Anyway, please read it, if you will, and think about this question: What do you plan to be doing, 6 months from now, on July 27th?

That's enough time to fit into my skinny jeans, but not enough time to publish a book.  

Come 'hell or high water', I plan to be sipping a cold lemonade, (maybe with a little kick to it), sewing a new Summer frock in my sunny white studio, listening to steel drum music.

Siri, conspiracy theories, and the Gates of Hell

It doesn't take much, unfortunately, to get the conspiracy theorists all shook up.

Take the discovery a couple of weeks ago that for certain Siri users, the question "What is July 27, 2014?" elicits a response of, "It's Sunday, July 27, 2014.  Opening the Gates of Hades."

William Blake, Dante's Gates of Hell (1826) [image courtesy of the Wikimedia Commons]
Now, I can see how this could be a little startling.  The last thing you want is to be checking your calendar and find out you'd scheduled a date on the day that the Beast With Seven Heads is supposed to eat one-third of humanity.

You can see how that could make dinner conversation a little awkward.

The reason for the weird response hasn't, as far as I've found, been explained yet.  Some have said it's a joke planted there by a waggish programmer; others that it's some kind of weird glitch, similar to the one last year that directed users to Ron Paul's website if they asked questions about politics.  The most popular explanation, however, seems to be that it has something to do with the first day of "Ghost Month" in certain traditional Chinese beliefs, on which (similar to Halloween) the gates of heaven and hell are said to open.

But of course, you can't have something like this occurring without the conspiracy theorists getting their knickers in a twist.  Take a look at this YouTube video, courtesy of Alex Jones' nutty site InfoWars, where we are shown the Siri response and then told, "Let us know what you think in the comments section."

Here are a few selected samples of the result of that request:
Could they be thinking about opening portals in the the spiritual world to bring the devil into this world in another form through manifestation using technology?
the abyss or the bottomless pit is opened by an angel, thats after alot [sic] of other things have happened. If so, the next 6 months gonna be a rough ride.
Apple obviously know something that the masses do not and this can be said about all individuals in power.the government are nothing put [sic] puppets and all these big organisations are the exact same.they all serve satan and are trying to exexute [sic] that one goal
what is troubling is the tunnel they are carving through under the ground in seattle-something has stopped it in its tracks-they want to open the seattle underground tunnel in 2014 and something big is stopping there progress from going any further with it-they are sending men inside this thing to take a look and they are saying that something demonic is down there.
well, no [sic] much surprise here, since many things are already programmed to be done.  To my point of view, and according to some prophecies summer 2014 seems to be doomed.  Actually i believe that things will turn bad much earlier. 2014 will be the year of WW3, i am pretty sure about it (again, according to my sources)
Okay, can all of you people just calm down for a minute

What comes to mind about all of this nonsense is that the conspiracy theorists aren't seeing the fundamental underlying contradiction in their stance.  They believe that the Illuminati are ultra-powerful, ultra-intelligent guys, with super technology, maybe even in cahoots with evil aliens, and yet are simultaneously so stupid that they would leave clues on Siri so easy to find that anyone checking their online calendars would ultimately stumble upon them.

I mean, you can't have it both ways.  Either the Illuminati are intelligent, or they're not.  If they're intelligent, they're not going to be found out by some clown who thinks that Alex Jones is the reincarnation of Einstein.

So, bottom line: could there be some kind of ultimate evil super-top-secret conspiracy?

Yes, I guess there could be.  But then we wouldn't know about it.  Because that's what "super top-secret" means.

Of course, this isn't about logic, is it?  Rationality is the last thing these people are interested in; most conspiracy theorists take the religious paradigm ("believe this even though there's no evidence") and walk it one step further ("believe this because there's no evidence").  And once you're there, there's no arguing with you, is there?

My general take on this is that you shouldn't worry.  If you are planning on a vacation to Costa Rica next summer, and will be leaving on July 27, don't apply for a refund quite yet.  Whatever this Siri glitch is, I'll bet you cold hard cash that it has nothing to do with the End of the World.

And second, if I'm wrong, and the Gates of Hell open, might as well be in Costa Rica, right?  I hear Costa Rica is really nice.

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I also heard this possibly or probably has to do with Ramadan, and that somehow it may be synced up with Siri's database in it's calendar.  Something also about capturing and releasing demons, heh.. I have no idea... sounds creepy.

I actually got in contact with all my friends that own iPhones just to play this 'trick' on them in the past few months.  I haven't had anyone yet who has just shrugged it off as nothing when they hear Siri say "Opening the Gates of Hades" lol great reactions :)  

So if you have a iPhone try it out, it works on all iPhones with the Siri app, which is proprietary software.

Also if you ask it: What is September 3rd 2014, Siri will tell you that it is "Wednesday Closing the Gates of Hades"  that's 39 days later.... not sure if the numerology is significant? Some say it is

in the us Ramadan starts sunset 6/29 and ends sunset 7/28

it not a simple date.

it is a 30 day holiday. The gates of heaven are open during Ramadan. Aftrwards, lore has it the gates of  hell closed. Afterwards... the reverse is not really said by Mohammad. so...     another source will have it differently I think.

Most in Islam still go by the moon sighting. dates are always unofficial in advance.

sigh. Islam is definitely a major religion in the west. Everyone follows it <g>.

It is probably some computer nerds idea of joke.  heheheh   Just to mess with people's minds.  Or possibly it is the English translation of some phrase of significance (religious?) in other country.  I've never heard of it, and I do occasionally use Siri.  Disturbing to think I might have attracted the notice of the Eye of Sauron.  Yikes!   I plan to live dangerously and not worry about it.  I hope I am doing something fun on July 27 - something that involves hammocks and oceans breezes and adult beverages with the sound of the surf in the background!  

A very interesting and well-written post. I've never really understood why some people become so obsessed with these conspiracy theories. Most of them have such obvious and dubious failures in logic. I think its like what you said- something quasi-religious in nature. These people seem to need to feel elevated and in-the-know for whatever reason, and it doesn't really have anything to do with a sincere quest for truth. A sincere quest for self-glorification, perhaps, but definitely not a sincere quest for truth.

lol you're right Seth, and sometimes it's just a quest to see how bad it gets, or to prove how much one might think they know in comparison to the rest of the common population... Now there are some things of course that aren't all what they ought to be and portrayed in a different light for whatever 'reason' may be, but those we really don't know about either, not enough, or only bits and pieces, and some aren't willing to tell anyway.  

I guess it's really easy to get sucked into these things, so many things out there seem interconnected that as reasoning suggests it to us with minimal information we might attach wrong perspectives or completely silly ideologies of how the world is made up around us and the people in it.. alas there comes truth to save the day.  Will it be found though... because if people get too sucked in to stuff like this, the truth will eventually be a conspiracy too! :D


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