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C.W.Leadbeater: birth - 1854

  Leslie Price's post on Facebook. January 10, 2019 at 8:46 PM    Gregory Tillett. The life of Dr Gregory Tillett, who passed away from…

Started by John

0 Jan 12, 2019


Parliament of World's Religion

   Vivekananda at the Parliament in 1893 (125 year anniversary) Vivekananda at Parliament

Started by John

0 Sep 12, 2018


History of the Adepts: The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor in America

(from: http://adepts.light.org) A new series edited by Mark Jaqua. I hope that is credited correctly! Excerpts: Wilder’s article provide…

Started by John

0 Jan 3, 2018

The last of the "truly" free Americans

The longer I have my head out of the sand (introverted), the more I come to understand the gravity of things that are happening right now.…

Started by David Allen

5 Sep 30, 2014
Reply by David Allen


start of the new age era

I was reading "Scratching the Beat Generation", by Michael McClure, and reference was made of William Blake appearing to Allen Ginsberg in…

Started by John

5 Jan 4, 2014
Reply by Alfred V.


New archaeological evidence of the beginnings of Buddhism (Nepal)

The date seems to now go back to the 6th century BCE. the article below has information from the New York Times. The Journal article link i…

Started by John

6 Dec 4, 2013
Reply by John

the identity of Mahatma K.H= Kirpa Ram?

According to Mary K Neff and others Mahatma K. H. was really Nisis Kanta Chattopadyaya. According to Johnson, he was Thakar Singh. However…

Started by Néstor David Morales

4 Feb 22, 2013
Reply by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

The 17 Ray Sun Disc

I was trying to get some information about the symbolic relevance of the Egyptian 17 ray sun disc. I read Madame Blavatsky quote this symbo…

Started by Darren Thomas Grundey

14 Nov 10, 2012
Reply by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

Besides HPB, Who Has Had the Greatest Influence on The Theosophical Movement?

Next to HP Blavatsky, who do you feel has had the strongest influence on the Theosophical Movement? Please take a couple minutes to answer…

Started by Joe Fulton

20 Jul 15, 2012
Reply by Patita Dikshita

Other Spiritual Groups in Existence Before and After the TS Was Founded

Let's imagine for a few minutes all of the groups who have come and gone who have in one way or another contributed to our understanding of…

Started by Joe Fulton

19 Nov 14, 2011
Reply by Bruce Noel Walck


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