History of the Adepts: The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor in America

(from: http://adepts.light.org)

A new series edited by Mark Jaqua. I hope that is credited correctly!


Wilder’s article provides a detailed summary of what was known and speculated about Rosicrucian history. Even though he was writing for Gould’s allegedly Rosicrucian Brotherhood’s journal, he concluded with a note of utter skepticism about contemporary claimants:

Alexander Wilder on the Rosicrucians

" ... The Pagans, who after Theodosius, adhered to their worship, hid their secrets, their initiation, and their mystic jargon. I conjecture the magic and witchcraft of the Middle Ages to have been the Mithraic Institute which had been disseminated through the Roman empire. ..."

Link to article:

Alexander Wilder on the Rosicrucians

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